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88 Macclesfield - Henbury - Knutsford - Wilmslow - Altrincham

Bus: 88

Macclesfield - Henbury - Knutsford - Wilmslow - Altrincham

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Macclesfield, Queen Victoria Street / Bus Station (Bay 7)
Macclesfield, Park Street / opp The Towers
Macclesfield, Churchill Way / opp Tesco
Macclesfield, Churchill Way / cnr King Edward Street
Macclesfield, King Edward Street / opp St Alban's Church
Macclesfield, Chester Road / SW-bound Great Queen Street
Macclesfield, Victoria Road / nr Prestbury Road
Macclesfield, Grounds / o/s General Hospital
Macclesfield, Victoria Road / opp The Whitfields
Upton Priory, Victoria Road / cnr Pavilion Way
Upton Priory, Victoria Road / opp Home Farm Avenue
Broken Cross, Fallibroome Road / opp Fallibroome Close
Broken Cross, Fallibroome Road / o/s Shops
Broken Cross, Chelford Road / o/s Gorseyknoll
Henbury, Chelford Road / o/s Cock Inn PH
Henbury, Chelford Road / opp Church Lane
Henbury, Chelford Road / o/s Blacksmith's Arms PH
Henbury, Chelford Road / opp Rough Heys Lane
Henbury, Chelford Road / opp Whirley Lane
Henbury, Chelford Road / opp Birtles Lane
Monks Heath, Chelford Road / opp Monks Heath Motors Ltd
Astle, Chelford Road / opp Stubby Lane
Chelford, Chelford Road / opp The Ivy House
Chelford, Knutsford Road / cnr Shell Garage
Chelford, Knutsford Road / opp Dixon Drive
Peover Heath, Well Bank Lane / opp The Dog Inn
Over Peover, Well Bank Lane / opp Cricket Club
Over Peover, Stocks Lane / opp Ye Olde Parkgate Inn
Over Peover, Stocks Lane / o/s Whipping Stocks Inn
Toft, Toft Road / opp Fingerpost Farm
Bexton, Beggarman's Lane / opp Highland Way
Bexton, Bexton Lane / opp Valley Way
Knutsford, Toft Road / opp Grove Park
Ollerton, Chelford Road / cnr Seven Sisters Lane
Ollerton, Chelford Road / cnr Manor Lane
Knutsford, Chelford Road / opp Carrwood
Knutsford, Brook Street / o/s Legh Arms PH
Knutsford, Brook Street / opp Aldi
Knutsford, Adams Hill / opp Railway Station
Knutsford, Stanley Road / cnr St John's Avenue
Knutsford, Bexton Road / Bus Station (Stand 3)
Knutsford, King Edward Road / cnr Church Hill
Knutsford, Adams Hill / nr Railway Station
Knutsford, Thorneyholme Drive / cnr Sandiway
Knutsford, Thorneyholme Drive / cnr Beech Drive
Knutsford, Manor Park North / opp Manor Park School
Knutsford, Manor Park North / cnr Lowe Drive
Shaw Heath, Boothfields / cnr Autumn Avenue
Shaw Heath, Longridge / nr St Johns Wood School
Shaw Heath, Longridge / o/s Falcon Bearer PH
Shaw Heath, Longridge / nr Council Depot
Mobberley, Knutsford Road / opp Ryecroft Lane
Mobberley, Town Lane / cnr Broadoak Lane
Mobberley, Town Lane / opp Bucklow Avenue
Mobberley, Town Lane / nr Victory Hall
Knolls Green, Hall Lane / opp Woodside Nursery
Knolls Green, Hall Lane / o/s Bird in Hand
Knolls Green, Knutsford Road / cnr Clay Lane
Lindow End, Knutsford Road / opp Lindow End Farm
Lindow End, Knutsford Road / nr Foden Lane
Chorley, Knutsford Road / cnr Beswicks Lane
Chorley, Knutsford Road / opp Carr Lane
Chorley, Knutsford Road / cnr Upcast Lane
Davenport Green, Knutsford Road / N-bound Brook Lane Corner
Davenport Green, Knutsford Road / opp Shops
Davenport Green, Gravel Lane / cnr Cumber Lane
Wilmslow, Cumber Lane / opp Cumber Drive
Wilmslow, Moor Lane / nr Cumber Lane
Wilmslow, Moor Lane / opp Riflemans Arms PH
Wilmslow, Moor Lane / opp Eden Close
Wilmslow, Chapel Lane / o/s Shops
Wilmslow, Chapel Lane / opp Birch Avenue
Wilmslow, Chapel Lane / opp Health Centre
Wilmslow, Alderley Road / o/s Stuart House
Wilmslow, Station Grounds / o/s Railway Station
Wilmslow, Green Lane / Bank Square (Stand B)
Wilmslow, Water Lane / nr Alderley Road
Wilmslow, Water Lane / nr Fire Station
Wilmslow, Altrincham Road / opp Park Road
Wilmslow, Altrincham Road / cnr Buckingham Road
Pownall Park, Altrincham Road / opp Gorsey Road
Pownall Park, Water Lane / cnr Sandy Lane
Morley Green, Mobberley Road / o/s Moss View
Morley Green, Mobberley Road / opp Congregational Church
Morley, Morley Green Road / opp Cranlea
Morley, Morley Green Road / by Dooley's Lane
Morley Green, Altrincham Road / nr Mobberley Road
Wilmslow, Altrincham Road / opp Moat House
Manchester Airport, Wilmslow Road / nr Mill Lane
Manchester Airport, Wilmslow Road / opp Sunbank Lane
Warburton Green, Hale Road / nr High Elm Road
Hale Barns, Hale Road / opp Rydal Drive
Hale Barns, Hale Road / o/s All Saints Church
Hale Barns, Hale Road / o/s St Ambrose
Hale Barns, Hale Road / nr Broadway
Hale, Hale Road / opp Delahays Road
Hale, Hale Road / opp Westminster Road
Hale, Hale Road / o/s Cemetery
Hale, Hale Road / opp Graysands Road
Hale, Hale Road / nr Broomfield Lane
Hale, Hale Road / opp Broom Road
Altrincham, Hale Road / o/s Baptist Church
Altrincham, Ashley Road / opp Peter Street
Altrincham, Railway Street / nr The Downs
Altrincham Interchange