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Manchester City take on Schalke 04 in the last 16 of the Champions League on Tuesday 12 March at 8pm.

A sell-out crowd of 55,000 fans is expected with roads and public transport expected to be busier than usual.

  • Roads and public transport are expected to be busier than usual.
  • Major road improvement works on Regent Road, one of the busiest routes in and out of Manchester and Salford, is underway.
  • Metrolink will have introduced a new zonal fare system, so please familiarise yourself with the changes to tickets.

Ways to get to the Etihad

  • Travel by tram, bus and walking are the best wasy to get to the Etihad.
  • Greater Manchester's park and ride facilities will all be open and provide convenient connections to the Etihad Stadium allowing you complete your journey by public transport.
  • If you cannot avoid driving to the match you can car share and help reduce the overall number of vehicles on the road. Parking is available around the ground at certain locations. You can find out more information regarding parking on the Manchester City website.
  • Follow @OfficialTfGM and @MCRMetrolink for live travel information throughout the day.

Useful maps

Away fans

We're pleased to welcome Schalke fans to Manchester for their away fixture at the Etihad Stadium.

Away fans are located in the South Stand of the Etihad Stadium in blocks 113-114 (entrance L1), 213-214 (entrance L2) and 313-314 (entrance L3).

Turnstiles open 90 minutes before kick-off with searches of supporters taking place at the turnstiles. Supporters are advised to arrive at the stadium in plenty of time as there may be queues to enter the stadium. Bags are restricted in size, and must be no larger than 16.5” x 12” x 6” to be allowed in.

Coaches park next to the away section in car parks C and D, accessible via Ashton New Road (Gate 7).

Further information about visiting the Etihad Stadium is available on the Manchester City website.

Visiting Manchester

If you’re visiting Manchester for the match and want to see more of the sites why not check out the Visit Manchester website to see what else this great city has to offer.

Manchester is home to the world's biggest football museum, exploring the beautiful game – past and present – through first class exhibitions. The National Football Museum is located in the city centre and open daily from 10am to 5pm.


Journeys take around 10-15 minutes from Manchester city centre to Etihad Campus.

For fans travelling between Etihad Campus and stops on the Altrincham, East Didsbury or Airport lines, you should change at St. Peter’s Square for onward journeys in both directions.

Please note after the game is over trams will not serve Holt Town and Velopark until crowds have cleared from the Etihad Campus stop. This is to ensure the safe movement of customers and trams following the game.


On Sunday 13 January 2019, Metrolink will introduce a new zonal fare system.

This means an easy to understand zones based system will be used for all ticket prices – offering simpler, more flexible and better value fares.

Under the new system, Etihad Campus will be located in zone 2.

  • Travel from the city centre to the Etihad will require a zone 1+2 ticket.
    For an adult will be £2.80 for a zone 1+2 single ticket or £3.40 for a zone 1+2 1-day travelcard (off-peak).
    A family 1-day travelcard for zones 1+2 (off-peak) will be £5 and covers groups of one to three children (under 16) travelling with one or two adults.

  • Fans who are boarding the tram for the Etihad between Ashton-under-Lyne and Cemetery Road will require a zone 2+3 ticket.
    A zone 2+3 ticket for an adult will be £2.40 single or £3 for a 1-day travelcard (off-peak).
    A family 1-day travelcard for zones 2+3 (off-peak) will be £4.70.

  • Event tickets will still be available from staff at Piccadilly, Piccadilly Gardens, and Market Street before the game and at Etihad Campus after the game for £4 for an adult and £2 for a child (return) beating the queue at ticket machines and getting you there quicker.

  • Child tickets and concessionary fares for TfGM disabled pass holders are half adult prices (ID is required from age 11).

  • For further information and a full list of zones and ticket prices, visit the dedicated Metrolink ticket zone page.

  • You can find out more about purchasing Metrolink tickets by visiting the tickets and passes page.

  • You can buy a ticket on the day from the ticket machines on all stop platforms or on your smartphone via the get me there app (Google Play and Apple App stores).

  • Find out more about a combination train and tram day return ticket

  • You must have a valid ticket before you board a tram. Please be aware that ticket checks take place across the network.

Park and ride

Metrolink customers can also use one of our park and rides for free. Locations near to the Etihad Stadium are:

  • Ashton Moss with 200 spaces (Alexandria Drive, Ashton, OL6 7UB)
  • Ashton West with 194 spaces (Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton, OL7 0PG)

Please note the park and ride facilities are only available to Metrolink customers during the hours of service.

Map showing all park and ride locations.


If you are travelling by bus to the Etihad Stadium you can catch the 216, 217 or 231 service from the city centre directly to the ground.
There are also frequent shuttle buses which depart from the north side of Piccadilly Gardens.

At the end of the match, buses will be lined up on Ashton New Road next to the South Stand heading to Manchester city centre.

You can plan your bus journey by using the TfGM journey planner.

If you are not travelling to the game, but are planning on using public transport, you should consider the following:

  • Journey times for some bus passengers may be longer due to match day traffic. Passengers should allow more time for journeys.
  • Bus operators will always have the latest information about their services. Follow them on Twitter or get their contact details in advance @StagecoachGM, @FirstManchester.


Manchester is well served by rail, with services running into Manchester Piccadilly, Oxford Road and Victoria. Fans can connect to onward tram services from Victoria and Piccadilly.

If you’re travelling into the city centre by rail you can purchase a Metrolink add-on to your rail ticket allowing onward travel to the stadium by tram.

The following companies operate into Manchester:

Be sure to plan ahead and check train times on the National Rail website before you travel.

National Rail will always have the latest information on rail services. Follow them on Twitter in advance of your journey @nationalrailenq.


Travel by tram, bus and walking is the best way to get to the Etihad Stadium. If you cannot avoid driving to the match you can car share and help reduce the overall number of vehicles on the road.

The busiest times on the road network will be before and after the match, affecting the surrounding area and the wider road network.

Pay on the day car parking is available on site in the Blue Car Park’s G & H, accessed from Alan Turing Way (Gate 2).

Both the coach and car parks will be open three hours before kick-off until one hour after final whistle on the day of the match.

A resident parking scheme is in place in the streets around the Etihad Stadium and this is strictly enforced and identified through on-street signage. Please do not park in these areas as you will be fined and your vehicle may be clamped or removed.

You can find out more information regarding parking on the Manchester City website.

Please note that a road closure operates immediately after the match to allow pedestrians to leave the Etihad Stadium safely. This is in place for approximately 20 minutes after the match, but may be extended depending on circumstance. Roads affected by the closure are as follows:

  • Ashton New Road – between Alan Turing Way and Darley Street
  • Grey Mare Lane – between Ashton New Road and Alan Turing Way
  • Merrill Street – between Pollard Street and Ashton New Road

Walking and Cycling

There is a safe, well lit and signposted walking route available from Manchester Piccadilly Station to the Etihad Stadium.

Follow the ‘City Link’ signs to get to the stadium. Walking will take approximately 20 minutes from the city centre.

There are a number of bike racks located around the stadium for cyclists.

Making travel easier

TfGM is aiming to make travel easier by:

  • Providing additional support on social media channels @OfficialTfGM and @MCRMetrolink for live travel information throughout the day.
  • Helping to raise awareness of the road closures associated with the football by advising people of what they can do to make their journey easier
  • Liaising with transport operators and Greater Manchester Police during the match day operation.
  • Working with Metrolink to add extra capacity when it’s needed, especially at peak periods on the busiest lines.
  • Enhanced monitoring at its network control centre so UTC Engineers can optimise traffic flows by altering signal timings.
  • Providing travel advice and easy to follow maps for all home fixtures.


Greater Manchester has a good public transport network. The accessibility of services is improving, but some parts of the network contain obstacles for disabled people.

We have a dedicated webpage to help those with accessibility issues.

Disabled parking is available at the Etihad Stadium in the Blue car park. However, spaces are limited due to the number already allocated to seasonal supporters. For more information please visit the Manchester City website.