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What do we expect of you?

When you are travelling on public transport in Greater Manchester, we expect you to:

  • Respect and treat others, including travelling members of the public and members of staff, as you would like to be treated
  • Behave in a considerate manner
  • Act safely and responsibly
  • Not smoke, use an electronic cigarette or consume any alcoholic drink or drugs;
  • Not tamper with or damage any property;
  • Not act in an anti-social way or commit any crime, including breaching any appropriate bye-laws; and,
  • Avoid any behaviour that may upset others. This includes doing things like littering, playing music too loud or using any language that may cause offence to others.

Failure to comply with these behaviours can result in action being taken against you such as:

  • A Fine
  • Loss of pass
  • Exclusion from sites/networks
  • Civil Injunction