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Your commute, your choice

We've got great value tram tickets - designed to suit you. Find your ticket today.

For the early bird

Avoid the rush and touch-in to start your journey before 7am on weekdays and your daily cap will be the off-peak travelcard price. Off-peak prices also apply after 9:30am.

Learn more about the early bird offer.

For the casual commuter

Travel flexibly anytime with Clipper and get 10 identical adult Metrolink 1-day travelcards for the price of 9. You can choose anytime or off-peak travelcards, for any combination of zones. All 10 travelcards must be used within 8 weeks (56 days).

Find out more about Clipper.

For the daily commuter

Pay only for what you use, or no more than a weekly ticket price (£31), with weekly capping on contactless. 

If you travel on multiple days during the week (Monday to Sunday), we’ll charge for each day until you reach the weekly cap for the zones you’ve travelled through. The rest of your journeys in those zones will be free until the end of the week. 

All you have to do is you remember to touch-in and touch-out at the start and end of each journey and you won’t pay any more! You can also purchase your weekly travel card via a on stop ticket machine or the get me there app

Discover more about weekly capping.

Remember: Always touch-in and touch-out using the smart readers at the start and end of every journey with your contactless device or get me there card.

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