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Elements of the strategy


Our 2040 Transport Strategy isn’t so much about individual modes of transport. Instead it focuses on creating an integrated, sustainable, and well co-ordinated transport system that supports a wide range of different travel needs.

Naturally, our customers are at the heart of our 2040 Transport Strategy – residents, businesses and visitors alike – and we’re also mindful of the different needs of passengers and freight. We have developed seven core principles, each of which will be applied across our transport network:

Integrated – allow customers to move seamlessly between modes and services
Inclusive – provide accessible and affordable transport
Healthy – promote walking and cycling for local trips
Environmentally responsible – deliver lower emissions, better quality environment
Reliable – give customers confidence in journey times
Safe and secure – reduce road accidents and deaths
Well maintained and resilient – able to withstand unexpected events and weather conditions

Our ambition for 2040 is to deliver a transport system which makes it much easier for residents, business and visitors in Greater Manchester to travel to a wide range of different destinations and opportunities, and where sustainable transport is a viable and attractive alternative to the car.