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When we procure services from a supplier, we must balance value for money with local needs, environmental factors, social equality and inclusion.

Responsible procurement is a key part of an ethical, environmentally-conscious organisation. We want to work with suppliers who support this approach. To find out more, you can read:
- TfGM's social value statement.
- The Greater Manchester Social Value Framework.

We use an online tendering system, ProContract, for all procurement. Register on ProContract.

When you're registered, you'll get information about, and be able to bid for, tendering opportunities with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM). Additional information is available on bus tendering.

Find out more about procurement and doing business with TfGM

In line with the National Procurement Policy Statement following the release of Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 05/21 by the Cabinet Office in June 2021, TfGM's commercial pipeline provides a forward look of our anticipated outsourcing activity. Our existing pipeline is currently undergoing an internal review, and is therefore temporarily unavailable to view publicly until late summer 2023.

For any interim queries regarding potential upcoming activities, please contact

You’ll be aware from regular headlines that cyber security is a constant risk to the business community, with 40% of incidents managed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) over the last year targeting the public sector.

Within the North West region, there is a Cyber Resilience Centre whose purpose is to provide a free basic level of support for companies like yours, which will provide you with the basic guidance that you need to stay safe online: everything from how to manage password security, through to the questions that your board should be asking of their technical team to check on contingency plans.

Cyber resilience is important, because 2 in 5 businesses each year spot an attempt to breach their systems and 1 in 3 businesses experience some form of cyber breach at least once a week.

The North West Centre is led by a serving senior police officer and is directly funded by the Home Office. Transport for Greater Manchester would strongly encourage you to sign up for their free membership and indeed to recommend those in your network to do likewise. You can find a different regional centre if you think it is more appropriate.