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Travel training in Greater Manchester

About Travel Training in Greater Manchester

Travelling independently can be a challenge for some people, limiting access to social, health and employment opportunities.

Travel training teaches young people and adults who need additional support to make journeys using public transport safely and confidently on their own.
‘Travel training’ can involve:

  • Short term support: Familiarising people with how public transport works in their area, giving them confidence to use it alone.
  • Long term support: One-to-one personalised training programme over a period of weeks or months.

TfGM promote travel training as part of assessable transport for everyone living or working in Greater Manchester.

More information about travel training good practice

Travel Training schemes in Greater Manchester

The Travel training guidance has been created to help organisations, schools, colleges or any other service interested in setting up a scheme or improve an existing scheme. All of the boroughs in Greater Manchester have travel training schemes as well as some of the schools and colleges.

Click on one of the links below for more information on the various schemes in each area:

Greater Manchester Travel Training Forum (GMTTF)

The GMTTF meets four times a year in March, June, September and December.

Meetings are hosted by Transport for Greater Manchester at the Head Office, 2 Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BG.

Membership is free.

If you would like to join the GMTTF, please contact Kevin Northrop

Travel training resources

These documents have been produced as part of the training the Greater Manchester Travel Training Forum organised and are intended for travel trainers.

Top Tips for defusing difficult situations (download Word document)

Top tips for those with Visual Impairment (download Word document)

Top Tips - Parents MCC (download Word document)

Top Tips - Personal Safety (download Word document)

Top tips for those with Physical Disabilities (download Word document)

Top Tips for Travel Training with Hearing Impaired Students (download Word document)

Top Tips on Emotional Resilience (download Word document)