Picture of Malcolm Lowe

Malcolm Lowe - IS

Working flexible allows me to support my family as well as deliver and run transport services for Greater Manchester. The organisation has put in place technology so that I can work safely and securely anytime any place and anywhere with a connection to the internet. I can communicate with colleagues virtually face to face, collaborate together on work and support my family.

Recently my wife fell ill and I had to return home to pick up my daughters from school and do the school runs and look after my wife. The TfGM Working Differently initiative and supporting technology allowed me to rearrange my meetings to video conferences and conference calls whilst still be able to support my family at home.

Picture of Sarah Oomer

Sarah Oomer - Recruitment

I originally started at TFGM as a Travelshop Assistant. I stayed in the role for a number of years as I really enjoyed it. However I have always had an interest in HR and recruitment so I requested to do some work experience. This work experience gave me the skill set to successfully apply for the Resourcing Assistant position which I have been doing for the last 12 months.

My proudest achievement in my role is how well and quickly I have transitioned into my new position. Over the last 12 months I have gone from a role I knew very well to a completely different role in a department I have never had any experience in. I have really enjoyed the challenge and believe I have massively widened my skill set and look forward to further developing my career at TFGM.

I would recommend working at TfGM because as well as many benefits such as a fantastic pension, free travel to work and a good annual leave allowance. I believe TfGM really supports its staff in terms of well being and career development. I have always felt very supported by colleagues and management to do well in my role and I often have discussions with management on how I can progress in my role. TFGM also supports flexible working which has allowed me to balance my work and home life well.

Picture of Michael Osagie

Michael Osagie - Projects group

After graduating with bachelor and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering, my career journey has led me to work in several industries including Oil and Gas, retail supply chain and most recently in the transportation sector. In 2019 I was accepted into the Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship programme at Transport for Greater Manchester and have since become an Assistant Project Manager.

My proudest achievement in my role is working with the visually impaired community to develop an innovative technology-based intervention to support blind and partially sighted people when crossing the cycleway section of a bus stop bypass. The outcome of which will improve blind and partially sighted people’s experience and confidence when crossing the cycleway element of the bus stop bypasses.

I would recommend working at TfGM because there are numerous opportunities to progress within the organisation and support and training is available if and when needed. Also, you get to work in a friendly and yet challenging environment with talented individuals always willing to assist.

Picture of Jo Llewellyn

Jo Llewellyn - Human resources

I have managed to find a working pattern that enables me to balance a job that I love with my responsibilities as a parent. This has not only helped me integrate a healthy lifestyle and creates a feeling of positive wellbeing, but due to being able to work flexibly and having the right technology, I feel I’m more productive in the work I do and this gives me personal satisfaction week in week out!

Picture of Jordan Christon

Jordan Christon - Highways

I joined Transport for Greater Manchester as a Trainee Urban Traffic Engineer and spent the first year and half on a placement with the UTC Intelligent Traffic Systems’ team. I worked alongside a team of UTC engineers that oversee the maintenance and operation of traffic signals within Greater Manchester.

My role included altering signal timings to match traffic flow during events such as football matches, marathons, concerts, investigating enquiries from the general public concerning ill-functioning traffic signals, and where required carryout site visits to analyse the performance of traffic signal equipment. I have since joined the UTC Design team where I have my role involves designing and delivering signalised junctions and pedestrian crossings. I have developed a knowledge and understanding of the Department for Transport design standards and delivered two toucan crossings in Stockport and Oldham respectively, as part of the Mayor’s Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund.

My proudest achievement is commissioning my first toucan crossing in Stockport in April 2021, which offered me the opportunity to make a real-life impact on our standing of living. My role involved drafting design proposals, liaising with Stockport Council to ensure that construction phase of the scheme went as planned and that the final as built crossing was up to standard and operated efficiently.

Working at TfGM has provided me with an opportunity to progress my career, including gaining professional qualifications through their support to complete apprenticeships as well as valuable work experience!

Picture of TfGM staff member, Matthew Bostock

Matthew Bostock - Projects group

Having started at TfGM way back in 2012 it’s incredible to see how much the organisation has changed and it’s been great to be able to work in a number of different roles during my time here!

Initially I answered the phones for Traveline before tackling customer enquiries in the Contact Centre part-time whilst at University. After the completion of my degree in 2016 I joined Corporate Communications for a short stint, before working for the Events Team until this year.

Now I have been fortunate enough to join the Project Management team – it’s all been a great learning experience.

It’s hard to pick out one achievement in particular but one thing which always stands out to me was being involved on the One Love concert in 2017. It was amazing to see how, in such a short space of time, a number of different organisations to help put on such an iconic event.

I would recommend working at TfGM because there are always opportunities for you to grow and develop your own skillset and progress in your career!