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City Centre Transport Strategy consultation

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We want you to help us shape the future of transport in the city centre.

Since 2018 we've had many discussions with city centre residents, commuters, businesses and interest groups to learn how they want to travel into and around the centre of Greater Manchester, and how they would shape the next phase of improvements to roads, rail, tram, bus, bike, pedestrian and public spaces.

That's why the proposed strategy reflects the strongest calls from these discussions, including those for more space for pedestrians and bikes, and cleaner, greener more sustainable travel options.

Alongside Manchester City Council and Salford City Council, we've launched a six-week consultation and want to make sure that our ambitions for city centre travel are right for you.

We're asking for your views on seven ambitions to make city centre travel better:

  • make walking around easy and more pleasant
  • keep it clean and cut congestion
  • more and safer cycling
  • public transport that connects
  • smarter parking joined to other options
  • deliveries and unloading that don't choke streets or air quality
  • technology that helps all this happen.

If you want to take part in the consultation, visit the webpage before 4 November 2020.

Read the full news release for more information.