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Two starling bank bikes in manchester city centre

Use our widespread reach and diverse audiences across Greater Manchester to enhance brand awareness, engage with audiences in meaningful ways, deliver impactful behaviour change and positively impact local communities.

Supporting essential transport services is a great way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility and "gives something back", as income is re-invested in delivering the Bee Network in Greater Manchester.

Check out how we collaborate with brands:

Two starling bank bikes wheels

Starling Bank Bikes

Starling Bank have partnered with us to become the first sponsor of Greater Manchester’s bike hire scheme, marking TfGM's largest commercial sponsorship to date.

Renamed Starling Bank Bikes, the sponsorship rolled out across Greater Manchester in February 2024, with Starling Bank branding featured on all bikes and bike stations.

This partnership highlights both parties’ commitment to sustainability and community investment. Revenue from the sponsorship is being directed back into the scheme to support the ongoing operational costs and potential expansion.

Customer using lifebuoy hand sanitiser on a tram stop


In partnership with Unilever, we installed hand sanitising stations on all Metrolink platforms, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The sponsorship not only offered customers a safer travelling experience, but also offered Unilever premium brand visibility and generated positive customer sentiment by supporting essential public services during a critical time.

The partnership also delivered a suite of out-of-home assets including poster sites, tram stop takeovers, product sampling and tram wraps over a 12-month period. The assets were exclusively for Unilever's own use and were used to support their annual marketing campaigns.

Two men shaking hands next to trams with vodafone advertising on


Vodafone partnered with us by sponsoring free WiFi onboard all Metrolink trams.

The sponsorship provided the perfect platform for Vodafone to showcase their brand and technology, all while enhancing customer experience and connectivity for thousands of TfGM commuters.

A perfect demonstration of corporate social responsibility in action, aligning both TfGM and Vodafone's commitment to supporting local communities and infrastructure development.

The partnership aligned with the opening of a new Greater Manchester office for Vodafone and was supported by a range of staff initiatives, helping employees make better choices around sustainable travel options via the TfGM network.