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Any progress within any industry all starts with evidence. Data to support a hypothesis is crucial to advance ideas. The transport infrastructure within Greater Manchester is no exception.

TfGM is home to a team of skilled professionals, who undertake transport data analysis and research to support the development, appraisal and evaluation of transport policies, strategies and scheme developments throughout Greater Manchester on behalf of Greater Manchester’s District Councils, Transport for Greater Manchester and external clients. The team deliver large- and small-scale surveys and research studies.

Now more than ever, some of the services that the surveys and research team offer can inform future business approaches, supporting clients from start to finish with survey design, data collection and analysis.

TfGM, as Greater Manchester’s transport authority, also produce the annual Greater Manchester Transport Statistics report and 10 annual reports specifically for districts, so are ideally-placed to offer bespoke research services to companies across industries that require data and information from our transport infrastructure.

The team

The team are made up of 25 field-based Customer Research Surveyors with additional access to a large number of external agency resource and 16+ office based staff that project management data collection activities for large and small scale surveys via video and manual methods.

The team are also experienced in analysis only projects related to transport and non-transport fields. The department has been involved in data collection activities since 1986 and as a consequence has a vast amount of experience within both the Planning and Operations and Analysis teams.


TfGM have 25 permanent Customer Representative Surveyors (CRS), field-based data collection staff and a team of planning, operations and analysis staff, allowing TfGM to provide a full service for all stages of research – from survey design and data collection through to reporting.

TfGM are members of the Interview Quality Control Scheme (IQCS). This is an independent scheme run by the Council of Management. By being members of the IQCS, there is the requirement to adhere to a set of market research industry standards, which include training, process implementation and usage of validation procedures to maintain quality and accuracy of data.

As TfGM are members of the IQCS, this assures that the work the team produces is to the highest standard and accuracy. If you would like to make an enquiry about our services, please visit the key contacts section of this page.

CRS are also trained in incident and security management, conflict avoidance and face-to-face interviewing.

Key contacts

If you would like to discuss what TfGM has to offer or request a quote, please email .

For enquiries relating to video surveys, please email .

TfGM comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.