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Overview of D&I

Our strategy sets 9 objectives, grouped under each of the three roles that TfGM plays: as a transport provider, as an anchor organisation, and as an employer.

As a transport provider, our objectives are to:

  1. Fully understand GM people and places, existing inequalities and evidence-based decision making, including intersectionality, and apply that understanding in everything we do.

  2. Enable diverse communities to co-design, shape and influence the GM transport system, including addressing barriers to participation.

  3. Actively seek to address systemic transport inequalities, including those caused by and/or exacerbated through the pandemic, and maximise the opportunity through the implementation of bus reform to deliver an inclusive and accessible transport network.

  4. Embed shared learning and maximise relationships and cross-sectoral partnership working through the GM system.

As an anchor organisation, our objectives are to:

  1. Use all opportunities to tackle inequalities and support equality outcomes through our organisational policies and procedures, including ensuring consistent and meaningful benchmarking and monitoring.

  2. Maximise our role within the GM civic institution to enable GMS priorities.

As an employer, our objectives are to:

  1. Empower our workforce to have a voice and provide opportunities to inform policy.

  2. Improve the quality of data we hold to understand the diversity of our workforce.

  3. Seek to embed an inclusive and diverse culture within the organisation's workforce

To ensure that these objectives can be met, TfGM have identified a series of actions that will contribute to the delivery of each objective.