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Overview of D&I

As a transport provider:

  • We want to understand the inequalities that you as a Greater Manchester resident may experience, including intersectionality. We will apply this to everything we do.
  • We will enable diverse communities to co-design and influence the transport system. We will also address the barriers that may make it hard to participate.
  • We will tackle transport inequalities, by using the bus reform to deliver an inclusive network for everyone.
  • We will work with partners and share our learnings.

As an anchor organisation:

  • We will make sure we tackle inequalities at every opportunity, through our policies. This will include consistent and meaningful monitoring.
  • We will maximise our place in the Greater Manchester civic institution to enable GM priorities.

As an employer:

  • We will make sure our workforce has a voice that inform everything we do.
  • We will continue to make the data we hold on our workforce better, to better understand their diversity.
  • We want to make our organisation as welcoming as possible, with a diverse and inclusive culture.

To ensure that these objectives can be met, TfGM have identified a series of actions that will contribute to the delivery of each objective.