Surveys and research service

The surveys and research pages will guide you through all research services - whether it is requesting a paid-for bespoke survey or accessing the vital information that TfGM collect in partnership with Greater Manchester Police. The reporting section is also the new home for reports previously held on the Greater Manchester Transportation Unit (GMTU) website, which includes Highways Forecasting and Analytical Services reports on transport statistics and road casualties and an interactive map of accidents in Greater Manchester.

Interactive bus route map for Greater Manchester

A tool that has been created to primarily assist relevant local organisations to quickly understand the detail of the local public transport network for planning purposes. It is also freely available for the general public to use, but should not be used for obtaining passenger information, because it was not built with this purpose in mind. The tool displays four types of information: bus service routes and bus stations and stops; Local Link Areas and associated destinations; rail and Metrolink lines and stations; population data with socio-demographic classifications, journey times to key centres and accessibility levels.

Travel diary surveys (TRADS)

The Greater Manchester Travel Diary Surveys (TRADS) collects transport and travel information from all residents of 2,000 households per year; gathering data regarding all trips made by each resident over 4 years of age in a 24-hour period.

Open data on

As part of our commitment to being open and transparent we also publish information in line with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.

GM Open Data Infrastructure Map

The Greater Manchester Open Data Infrastructure Map (GMODIN) makes use of existing local, regional and national datasets on a variety of topics; from open public sector and environmental assets to energy utility networks.

Real time data feeds

We have a number of real time open data feeds providing live data from across Greater Manchester’s transport network. This tools have been created with developers in mind. TfGM hopes that by making more data available from across the region’s transport network that this will inspire the development of high quality applications that create better informed travellers and stimulate smarter choices.