Dogs on trams. Image with many different dogs
Transport for Greater Manchester, in partnership with tram operator Keolis Amey Metrolink, and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, are running a trial allowing pet dogs onto trams for the first time.

The pilot starts on Monday 1st August and will run for three months.

You won’t have to pay for your dog to travel, but there are some important rules you must follow when you’re taking a trip with them regarding safety, cleanliness and consideration of other passengers.

To help us decide whether pet dogs should continue to be allowed on trams after the pilot ends, it's important that we hear your views and experiences - whether you travel with a dog or not. That's why we're involving groups that represent the voices of our diverse communities in the pilot and also asking you to share your thoughts by responding to our online survey before 31 October 2022.

Why are dogs being allowed on trams?

We want the Bee Network to work for everybody and for public transport to be as accessible as possible and running a pilot scheme allowing non-assistance dogs on Metrolink was a manifesto commitment made by Andy Burnham during his mayoral re-election campaign.

Currently only assistance dogs are allowed to travel on Metrolink. Non-assistance dogs are allowed on buses and trains, though the rules vary depending on individual operators.

During last year's Destination: Bee Network public conversation, more than 4,000 people responded to a question asking if they agreed or disagreed with allowing all dogs to travel on trams. The pilot period and feedback will give us more valuable insight into how our customers feel about it.

We have been working with representative groups to inform the design of the pilot, including the new rules pet dog owners will need to follow when travelling to minimise any potential negative impacts of the pilot, particularly for those who currently travel with assistance dogs.  

We will continue to engage with these groups during the pilot to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the impact of allowing dogs on trams. This insight, along with the views and experiences of customers travelling on Metrolink during the pilot period will help inform a decision on whether to allow pet dogs on trams on a permanent basis.

What are the rules?

  • Metrolink will allow a maximum of two well-behaved dogs per passenger without charge, but you will be liable for their behaviour.

  • Dogs must always be kept on a lead and under control at all times. They will need to be able to listen to your commands and travel without bothering other passengers.

  • Your dog is your responsibility. If your dog is involved in an incident concerning another passenger or member of the public, you will be liable.

  • If your dog makes a mess on the tram, stop or anywhere on the network, you will need to clean it up and inform a member of staff where possible.

  • Dogs are not allowed on seats while travelling on the tram.

  • Be considerate of others on the Metrolink network who may be frightened of dogs, or who may be allergic to dog hair.

  • Be aware of your dog's needs. Bring water and treats for your dog if you need to, but also make sure you have poo bags and wipes so that you can clean up after any mess your dog makes, on or off the tram.

  • Please keep your dog away from assistance dogs and the disabled boarding points.

  • You should avoid being in the wheelchair space on the tram and must move out of this space if a wheelchair or pram user needs it.

Metrolink's conditions of carriage have been updated in line with this guidance and will remain in place throughout the pilot period.

What happens once the pilot ends?

A decision will be made on whether pet dogs will continue to be allowed, so look out for further communication throughout the scheme. The outcome very much depends on the feedback you give us, that's why we're encouraging everyone to tell us about their experience via our online survey.

If you require this survey in an alternative format, please email or phone 0161 244 1000 to request this.

Parks and green spaces you can get to by tram

Metrolink map with parks marked that are near to stops

Altrincham to Stamford Park – approx. 7 minute walk
Brooklands to Walton Park – approx. 10 minute walk
Didsbury Village to Fog Lane Park – approx. 10 minute walk
Sale to Worthington Park – approx. 10 minute walk
Wythenshawe Park tram stop to Wythenshawe Park – approx. 10 minute walk
Stretford to Turn Moss – approx. 10 minute walk
Sale Water Park to Sale Water Park – approx. 5 minute walk
Weaste to Bulle Hill Park – approx. 10 minute walk
Trafford Bar to Seymour Park – approx. 6 minute walk
Salford Quays to Ordsall Park – approx. 5 minute walk
Queens Road to Queens Park – approx. 5 minute walk
Etihad Campus to Phillips Park – approx. 5 minute walk
Crumpsall to Crumpsall Park – approx. 6 minute walk
Cemetery Road to Copperas Field – approx. 5 minute walk
Heaton Park to Heaton Park – approx. 5 minute walk
South Chadderton to Coalshaw Green Park – approx. 5 minute walk
Whitefield to Whitefield Park – approx. 5 minute walk
Newhey to Milnrow Memorial Park – approx. 10 minute walk