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This course is for organisations that employ people who drive as part of their job.

If you drive a car, van or light goods vehicle (LVG) for work, this one-day course will improve your skills and help your organisation meet its road safety responsibilities.

It costs £199 per person, as long as there are at least six people from your organisation.

What sort of course is it?

The morning is in a relaxed classroom setting, possibly at your workplace, with qualified trainers.

In the afternoon you’ll be out on the road in your vehicle with another person from the course and a fleet-registered approved driving instructor

You’ll learn how to reduce risks, recognise things that influence how you drive, and see how to be safer on the road.

There’s no test, but you’ll get a written report describing your skills with recommendations to improve your driving.


Contact us for dates and more information:
- Email:
- Phone: 0300 123 1518

1. Course Provider

The course is administered and delivered by DriveSafe.

2. Course Fees

The course fee must be paid in full at the time of booking. If you are unable to attend the course date, you must contact us immediately to arrange an alternative date. The course fee is non-refundable if you cancel with less than 14 days notice.

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, you have the right to cancel your assessment within 14 days (the "Cancellation Period") from the date on which you booked the course.

3. Identification

It is essential you bring your driving licence with you to your course. If you have a photocard style driving licence this is the easiest way for us to check your identification. If you do not have a photocard style licence - you must bring a passport or similar photographic means of identification

We can only accept original identification (electronic copies or photocopies cannot be accepted). Should you be unable to produce the required documentation, you will be turned away from your assessment. It is an offence to attempt to illegally misrepresent the true identity of another driver of a motor vehicle by attending the assessment in place of someone else.

4. Failure to Attend

If you fail to attend the course, or are refused entry to the course if you are unable to produce the required documentation, the course fee is non-refundable.

Late arrivals will not be allowed to participate.

Late arrivals will not be allowed to participate. We recommend that you locate the venue prior to the course date. You must arrive promptly at the stated time on the day of the course. If an alternative course is not available, or has not been requested by you, your file will be returned to the Police for further action.

5. Course Checklist

A course checklist is provided. It is recommended you use this checklist to ensure you will be allowed to participate.

If your vehicle is to be used, it must be road worthy (tyre tread, all lights are working etc).

It is a condition that you present yourself in a fit state to drive, having had proper rest and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You must be appropriately dressed for the consideration of other clients – no work clothes such as overalls or muddy boots. You must ensure you can read a vehicle number plate (newer style) from 20m (66 feet) – if you need glasses or contact lenses make sure you bring them with you.

Every effort will be made to accommodate any special requirements you may have provided you have notified us. If no indication has been made we cannot be held responsible should you be unable to complete the course. To complete the course you must attend all sessions on time, complete all course paperwork, make a positive contribution and demonstrate a willingness to improve your driving skills. However, any abusive or inappropriate language, threatening or disruptive behaviour towards either our staff or other clients will result in you being removed from the course.

6. Course Cancellation

In the unlikely event we are unable to deliver a course due to reasons beyond our control, we will reschedule your course as soon as possible at no additional cost to you. DriveSafe shall not be liable for any fees, costs and/or expenses incurred as a result of a cancelled course.