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E-scooters offer the potential for fast, clean and inexpensive travel; however, these benefits can only be achieved if e-scooters are used safely and as part of a wider integrated transport network. Transport for Greater Manchester are working with Rochdale Borough Council, Salford City Council, and e-scooter operator Lime as part of a wider Department for Transport trial to see how e-scooter rental schemes can be successfully operated in the UK.

Alongside the Department for Transport's research, the University of Salford is conducting a study into the Salford trial investigating who is using e-scooters, why they are using them and people's attitudes towards their use. This will help inform the Department for Transport and Transport for Greater Manchester about the future role that e-scooters can have in our transport network.

Useful links

University of Salford's research on E-Scooters

The Department for Transport's guidance on the purpose, timescale and design of the trials

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