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Welcome to TfGM’s travel advice pages.

Here you’ll find all the info to stay up to date with what’s happening and to help plan your journey.

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  • 🚧 Hyde Road is expected to be closed until 29 January due to a burst watermain.
  • 🚧 Great Ancoats Street- Avoid if possible. Use Mancunian Way and Trinity Way for a quicker journey.
  • 🚧 Oldham Road have begun. Re-time journey now.

Impact map

This map will show both highway improvements and events taking place in central Manchester based on a time window. You can also filter down to see activities for the weeks ahead.

Highway improvements

A number of highway improvements are taking place in Greater Manchester at the moment and will continue throughout 2021.

Read our information on how you can limit the impact these have on your journey and the options which can save you time and money.