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Inside of the new Stockport Interchange

Stockport Interchange is now open to passengers

Passengers should now use the new interchange to catch buses from Stockport.

Find live departure times and information about facilities and accessibility at Stockport Interchange.

The stops at Heaton Lane bus station are now closed – if you previously caught a bus from here, please use the new interchange.

These services are available at Stockport Interchange:

Stand   Services 
42, 371 
7, 25 
358, 360, 375 (eve), 385 
382, 383, 384 
322, 327 
364, 374, 378, 379 
199 Buxton, 391, 392, coaches 
199 Airport, 393, coaches
309, 310, 312, 313, 370 

  • Stand CC in Wellington Road North is now alighting only for the 191 and 192 and you can’t board here.
  • Stand ES on Exchange Street has closed
  • The temporary stops on Astley Street and Viaduct Street remain in place but services will not stop here.
  • Bus stop AA in Wellington Road North is for the 191 and 192. The 25 will stop here after leaving the interchange. The 197 and 199 no longer stop here.
  • Bus stop BB in Wellington Road North is only be for the 191 and 192 southbound. All other services will leave Stockport Interchange.
  • Bus stop DD in Wellington Road North is for the 199. All other services leave from Stockport Interchange.

You can get into the new interchange from entrances on Mersey Square, Swaine Street and Daw Bank.

You will also be able to access the new interchange from the new rooftop town centre park (from 18 March). From the park there will be both lift access and stair access down to the new interchange.

All of the entrances will be clearly signposted.

From 18 March, a new walking and cycling path will open from Station Road down to the new park at the interchange. This new segregated path will mean there is step free, easy and safe access for people walking, wheeling and cycling between Station Rd and the new interchange.

In April, the new spiral walking and cycling ramp which connects the new park with the Mersey Frontage and Trans Pennine Trail will also open to provide easy access between the park and Stockport town centre.

The new passenger concourse is fully accessible with seated waiting areas, as well as dedicated coach stands.

Facilities include:

  • Fully accessible toilets and changing places facilities
  • Step-free access at all levels including lifts or ramps
  • Cycle parking
  • Bus and train travel information screens
  • An Information and Ticket Office
  • A taxi rank (at the Interchange Pavilion exit on Mersey Square)

The new rooftop park at the interchange will open from Monday 18 March.

Information and Ticket Offices

The Information and Ticket Office on Mersey Square has now closed.

From Monday 18 March, the new Information and Ticket Office will open in the interchange for you to use.

About the interchange

TfGM is working with Stockport Council and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) on a multi-million-pound transformation of Stockport's bus station into a modern transport interchange.

The new transport interchange is part of an exciting £1 billion investment that's under way to make Stockport an even better place in which to live, work, play and connect.

Key design aspects of the new development include:  

  • A fully accessible, covered passenger concourse in the interchange with seated waiting areas
  • Cycle storage facilities
  • 18 bus stands, with capacity to accommodate 164 bus departures per hour to allow for future growth in bus services
  • New bus and train travel information screens, plus a Travelshop
  • Fully accessible toilets with baby changing and Changing Places facilities*
  • A new two-acre town centre park above the interchange, bringing more green space to Stockport town centre for everyone to enjoy
  • Delivered, in collaboration with the Environmental Agency, a 'blue-roof' drainage system that will capture and store rainwater to allow control run-off into drainage outfall and watercourses mitigating any flood risk
  • A new eye-catching spiral cycle and walking ramp, connecting with the new park, before oversailing the Mersey Frontage, Trans Pennine Trail and the River Mersey, then seamlessly landing on the Mersey Frontage; a height difference of 8.13m.
  • Development of the river Mersey frontage, between Chestergate and Mersey Sq, incorporating the cycle and pedestrian Trans Pennine Trail route
  • Stair and lift links between the new park, interchange and Trans Pennine Trail
  • A new cycle and pedestrian link between the interchange and Station Rd will provide a vital link allowing for improved access from the new interchange and the rail station.
  • 196 (126 Two Bedroom, 70 One Bedroom) new, high-quality residential apartments off Daw Bank.

Find more information on Changing Places facilities

The scheme will provide better and easier routes to the town centre for pedestrians and cyclists, with improved links to the rail station, Merseyway and the River Mersey. In March 2019 Stockport Council approved planning permission for the development.

Proposed layout of Stockport Interchange

Map showing proposal for Stockport Interchange

View of the park and the residential apartments from the A6

View of stockport interchange from the A6 showing residential apartments

View of Stockport interchange and residential apartments from Chestergate

View of Stockport interchange and residential apartments from Chestergate

Aerial view of the new pedestrian and cycle link between the new park and Station Rd

Aerial view of the new pedestrian and cycle link between the new park and Station Rd

Aerial view of the park and proposed cycle and pedestrian ramp

Aerial view of the park and proposed cycle and pedestrian ramp

Public engagement exercises

In July 2018, a four-week public engagement exercise was carried out by TfGM, in partnership with Stockport Council and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, to find out what people thought of the proposals for the new Stockport Interchange.

Hundreds of people got in touch to give us their views. TfGM produced an engagement exercise report, which gives a summary of how we ran the exercise, an analysis of the responses received and the next steps.

The bridge and park are vital pieces of infrastructure that will allow for improved pedestrian and cycle access between the new interchange and the rail station. A three-week public engagement exercise was carried out on the bridge link and public park in March 2020, from the feedback received some alterations were incorporated into the design.

In the summer of 2021 the scheme welcomed feedback and comments to help shape the landscaping design of the park. This feedback has been reviewed and responses considered, several recommendations have been incorporated into the park area.

In January 2022 we held a one month public consultation for the proposed cycle and pedestrian ramp. The ramp is in addition to the lifts and staircase and will provide a supplementary connection from the Mersey frontage to the new public park. Feedback has been analysed and has helped us to develop more detailed design for the ramp.

Thanks to everyone that has taken part in the scheme’s consultation exercises.

Bus services during construction of the new development

In preparation for this scheme it was necessary to close the old bus station to construct the new development.

Working with bus operators, we'll maintain all bus services during construction and will work to ensure any disruption to services, passengers and local residents and businesses is kept to an absolute minimum.

In August 2021, a temporary bus station opened on Heaton Lane car park to provide an alternative town centre facility for passengers. Some bus services were relocated to the new Heaton Lane bus station. Some bus services now run from Mersey Square and others, including coaches, will run from temporary stops in the town centre.

In January 2024, to accommodate the closure of the road through Mersey Sq to allow works to progress ahead of the Interchange opening, bus services in the Square and Rock Row have been relocated. This is a temporary measure until the Interchange opens in the Spring.

Changes to traffic routes

During construction of the main interchange scheme, several partial and full road closures are required to enable construction works. Current closures are as follows:

Astley Street

  • Partial lane closure will be in place until mid-April 2024. The road will be open to two-way traffic under temporary traffic light control.
  • Astley Street remains open to pedestrians.

Daw Bank

  • Full road closure will remain in place until mid-April 2024.
  • Daw Bank remains open to pedestrians.

Exchange Street

  • Partial road closure will remain in place until mid-March 2024. The road will remain open to two-way traffic under temporary traffic light control.
  • Exchange St remains open to pedestrians.

Mersey Square

  • Permanent road closure will be in place between Port Street and Chestergate from January 2024.
  • Mersey Square remains open to pedestrians.

Station Road

  • Partial lane closure will remain in place until mid-March 2024, the road will remain open to two-way traffic.
  • Station Road remains open to pedestrians.

Swaine Street

  • Full road closure will remain in place until mid-March 2024.
  • Swaine Street is closed to pedestrians other than the section from Daw Bank to TN Robinson’s.

Parking bays located along Daw Bank and Exchange St have been removed with alternative parking available at the NCP’s Station Road car park.

Exchange St disabled parking bays have been relocated to the southern carriageway of Exchange St, in front of the BT building.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption these closures may cause.


Buses to start running from new Stockport Interchange and Park to open in March 2024

The new transport interchange will welcome bus passengers from Sunday, March 17 with the new rooftop park opening the following day.

Read about the opening

You can view archived updates relating to Stockport Interchange on the news archive webpage.

Further information

For further information on the Stockport Interchange project:

Phone: 0161 244 1000

Or email:

Lines are open from 7am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and from 8am and 8pm on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.


Some of the funding for the work has been provided through the government’s City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS), which saw Greater Manchester awarded £1.07bn to help deliver the Bee Network.

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