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Delays and refunds


You can only apply for a replacement for a lost annual season ticket.

Contact TfGM:

• By phone: 0161 244 1000; or
• Fill in a online enquiry form; or
• Email:


You can get a full refund on most tickets if your train is cancelled or delayed and you choose not to travel.

If you travel and your train is delayed, you may be able to get compensation.

Some train companies may not offer compensation if the delay was caused by something outside their control, like very severe weather.

Most train companies operate the Delay Repay policy. This means you get compensation for any delay of 30 minutes or more – even if it was caused by bad weather or something else outside the company's control.

Read National Rail passenger rights to refunds and compensation for more information about refunds and delays.


The rules for getting a refund depend on which bus company you travelled with.

Contact the relevant bus company for more information.