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Public transport networks, lines, routes, stations and stops
bus route information

Public transport network maps

Maps of all the public transport routes by region.


Manchester city centre map

free bus routes, train stations, tram stops, bus stops and cycle hubs.


Train network map

All Greater Manchester train and tram lines, stations and stops.


Train ticket zone map

Greater Manchester train zones and the tram City Zone.

Mertrolink 13 Jan 2019 map thumbnail

Metrolink network map

All Metrolink tram lines and stops.

Metrolink Geography map

Metrolink geographical map

See the Metrolink network geographically mapped out across Greater Manchester.


Metrolink cycle parking map

Cycle parking facilities available at tram stops.

hospital by public transport

Getting to hospital by public transport

Public transport options by hospital with estimated travel time.


free bus map

free bus routes and stops around the city centre.


Metroshuttle maps

Free Metroshuttle bus routes and stops in Bolton and Stockport centres.

Bus route map

Bus route maps

A map of a bus route can be found by searching for the bus route number and clicking on "map view". This will display all the bus stops along the route.