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Metrolink trams

If a tram service is cancelled or disrupted, wherever possible Metrolink will inform passengers as soon as possible by:

  • Digital display boards on the platforms
  • Announcements on stops or on the tram
  • Metrolink staff out on the network
  • Live travel updates on Twitter: @MCRMetrolink
  • Service update in the Metrolink section of this site

When there is a planned change to services for maintenance or improvement works, Metrolink will provide a special bus service. Where possible, buses will pick customers up and drop off at all the stops that have been affected.

You will need to buy your ticket as normal and show this when you board the bus.

When there is an unexpected disruption to Metrolink services, you can use your tram ticket on specific local commercial bus services and some train services. You will be informed of the number(s) of the bus(es) or train service(s) at the time of cancellation or disruption.

In cases of serious disruption, Metrolink will make appropriate compensation arrangements.