Salford and Bolton Network Improvements (SBNI)

  • What does SBNI mean and what is it?

The initials stand for Salford Bolton Network Improvements. SBNI is a package of interventions across Salford and Bolton focussed on highway improvements, bus priority measures, cycle measures and on-street facility improvements for pedestrians.

  • Who is doing this work?

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is working in partnership with the Local Highway Authorities of Salford City Council and Bolton Council to deliver the interventions that make up the SBNI programme. The works will be carried out by contractors appointed by the respective Councils. Further information related to the specific works e.g. road restrictions can be found on the respective Council’s Road Works Bulletins (Bolton & Salford) or by contacting the Council's Highways departments directly.

  • Why are these improvement works taking place?

The purpose of the improvement works is to enhance safety and ease traffic congestion for all road users. They are designed to make the transport network operate more efficiently make journey times more predictable. The works will support the economic vitality within local areas; improve pedestrian and cycle safety and access to employment opportunities, health, education and leisure facilities.

  • Are these works just of benefit to people using public transport?

No. The works have been designed to benefit all road users, including public transport users, pedestrians and cyclists; making the local transport network more efficient.

  • Who is paying for this?

The Salford Bolton Network Improvements are being supported by central government through the Greater Manchester Local Growth Deal Programme.

  • Where can I find out more information?

This website can give you basic information on the works and their locations. (See Map location pins and the summary of improvements). Further details on roadworks that are currently taking place can be found in the Roadworks Bulletin for your council: Bolton & Salford.

For questions about specific works in progress, their duration and any potential disruption, please contact the appropriate contractor from the Roadwork Bulletin or the relevant council.

If you have a question about the overall Salford Bolton Network Improvements Programme, contact or 0161 244 1828.