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St Peter's RC High School
Kirkanshulme Lane
M12 4WB

School hours: 8.45am to 3.05pm Monday to Friday

If you live close to your school why not walk, wheel, or cycle? Not only is it a healthy and fun way to travel, but it can be an opportunity to chat with your friends. You can also save money and even time.

Plan your route to school using our online active travel map

Find more tips and tricks on travelling actively to school

The nearest train station is Belle Vue, a 15 minute walk away from the school.

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Tickets and passes

Whether it's an igo card, Our Pass, Scholar's Permit, Free School Pass or the Care Leavers travel offer, there are plenty of different tickets and passes to get to school.

Find out how to register for your pass, the costs, benefits and what you need to do if you lose your pass.