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This ticket allows you to make one journey within the Metrolink zones you’ve chosen.

Your ticket must be valid in all zones that you travel through.

You must finish your journey within two hours of buying your ticket or touching in at the smart reader.

Check if you qualify

Anyone can buy this ticket.

But, if you're under 16 (or aged 16 with an igo card) or have a TfGM-issued disabled concessionary pass, you can buy a half-price ticket. Find out more about concessionary passes and tickets.

The costs and benefits

Zones Cost
Any one zone (1, 2, 3 or 4) £1.40
Two zones (1+2) £2.80
Two zones (2+3 or 3+4) £2.40
Three zones (1+2+3) £3.80
Three zones (2+3+4) £3.20
All zones (1+2+3+4) £4.60

This ticket allows you to make one journey, between any two stops, within the Metrolink zones you’ve chosen.

How to buy your ticket

You must buy your ticket before your first journey. You cannot buy tickets on the tram.

The easiest way to travel is using a contactless card or device, using the smart readers on stops to pay for journeys as you go. We’ll work out the adult single or travelcard prices for your journeys, up to a daily and weekly cap.

Find out more about travelling with contactless

Alternatively, you can buy a ticket:

  • at a ticket machine on the tram stop using cash or card (including contactless)

Find out more about how to buy a Metrolink tram ticket