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This ticket gives you unlimited travel for a weekend across all Metrolink zones (1 + 2 + 3 + 4).

Your ticket is valid for travel all weekend, starting after 6pm on Friday until the last tram on Sunday night.

Check if you qualify

If you are aged 5 to 15, you can buy child tickets for travel on Metrolink.

If you are aged 11 to 15, you will need proof of age ID to buy child tickets.

An igo card allows you to buy child tickets for longer, up to 31 August after your 16th birthday. An igo card is also a convenient way to have proof of age and it entitles you to cheaper tickets on buses.

Find out how to apply for an igo card

Under-fives travel free, so don't need a travelcard or pass.

The costs and the benefits

The child weekend travelcard costs £3.40.

Use it on any tram from 6pm on Friday evening until the last tram on Sunday night. You don't need to buy any other tickets to travel on Metrolink.

How to buy your ticket

You must buy your ticket before your first journey. You cannot buy tickets on the tram.

If you have an igo card there are lots of places you can buy a ticket:

A convenient way to buy a ticket is online using your igo card as a smart card. It’s easy, flexible and avoids the queues.

Find out more about using smart cards.

Alternatively, you can buy a ticket:
- at a ticket machine on the tram stop using cash or card (including contactless)