The Greater Manchester Travel Diary Surveys (TRADS) collects transport and travel information from all residents of 2,000 households per year; gathering data regarding all trips made by each resident over 4 years of age in a 24-hour period. The survey sample is designed so that each GM district is represented proportionately, based upon the demographics of the resident population. The survey programme covers the duration of a full year, with surveys in-field every day.

Data is collected on over 10,000 trips, made by 4,500 residents of 2,000 GM households each year. The information gathered includes trip origins and destinations, travel times, transport modes used and journey purpose.

The information is used primarily by TfGM for the purpose of developing and monitoring transport policy, strategy, schemes and interventions.

As face-to-face interviewing has been disrupted during the pandemic, the latest available findings are in our Travel Diary Survey 2019 - summary. Interviewing has now resumed and the findings for 2021 are coming soon. In the meantime, for more information regarding TRADS or for further analysis, please contact