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Reporting incidents

TSU at Rochdale Interchange (1)

With more than 246 million journeys made on public transport each year, the chance of being a witness to or victim of crime or antisocial behaviour are relatively low.

However, should you need to, you can report it quickly and discreetly from your smartphone using the LiveChat service.

It is ideal to use if you are hard of hearing or feel that you are unable to make a loud phone call or use a help point.

The service is really easy to use, just go to the Live Chat webpage, press the button and you will be connected to a live GMP call handler.

You can also report crime by calling 999 in an emergency or using the red call points on board Metrolink services to connect with the 24/7 control room.

Key Fact

Did you know the Metrolink network is monitored by over 2000 CCTV cameras and a 24/7 control room, allowing us to coordinate quick responses to live incidents.