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Walking Festival 2019

We are back with the fifth Walking Festival this May and our partner groups and organisations have really outdone themselves with over 400 walks submitted.

These routes are dotted around all ten districts of Greater Manchester, are completely free to join and will be guided by experienced walk leaders.

All ages and abilities are catered for and with the ability to filter our online calendar by level of difficulty and district, you’re sure to find a walk to suit you.

Picture of people walking

Walking is a great way to get around Greater Manchester. It's free, kind to the environment and good for your physical health and mental wellbeing. A brisk 25 minute walk every day can add up to seven years to your life!

Rural walk

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Walking Workforce

Walking support for businesses

We can advise you about encouraging walking at your workplace as a way to get fitter and save money:

Find out more about a walking workplace: email

A walking workforce is good for your business. Staff who walk to work, or walk during the day, are more likely to be on time, and less likely to take time off.

We can advise your business about encouraging walking - by setting up direct, safe paths segregated from traffic for example, or by installing changing facilities or lockers, and through promotions and events, like Walk to Work Week and lunchtime walks.

Contact us about encouraging staff to walk: email

Walking to school

Walking support for schools

To make walking a natural choice for children, we can improve the quality and safety of walking routes and other spaces used by pupils on their way to school.

Contact us about the school walking programme: email

Also, see campaigns like the Free your feet challenge with our partner, the 'Living Streets' charity, to encourage children to walk to school: