TfGM makes sure that the needs of those with protected characteristics are considered in all that we do.

To do that we make sure that we engage with a range of different groups and work closely with colleagues in our GM family such as the GMCA, The Greater Manchester Mayors Disabled Peoples Panel, Our Manchester Disability Board.

We have our own Disability Design Reference Group managed by Breakthrough-UK who provide advice from their own lived experience, which assists TfGM to ensure that, as far as possible, an inclusive, barrier-free environment is developed across public transport in Greater Manchester.


Disability Design Reference Group (DDRG)

As a large-scale public provider, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) must, by law, anticipate the requirements of disabled people, and make reasonable adjustments so that they can use our services. To help us do this most effectively, we set up the Disability Design Reference Group (DDRG) in 2008 to embed accessibility into everything we do.

The DDRG is coordinated by the disabled people's organisation, Breakthrough UK, and includes members with a range of impairments, people from various ethnic backgrounds and of people of different ages. It meets around once a month with project managers, designers, architects, planners and transport professionals.

It is actively involved in transport-improvement projects like the £1.5 billion expansion and enhancement of the Metrolink tram system. It plays a vital role in offering solution driven approaches in relation to the design and build of a range of projects and initiatives. It has advised on, and influenced, a wide range of features to improve the journey experience, for example, strong colour-contrasting infrastructure, clear signage, audio information, and additional corner posts and tapping rails.

The DDRG has been involved in the design and functionality of our new website too, helping us keep pages customer-focused and accessible to all. The group is seen as an example of consultation related best practice by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and we're keen to develop its methods into national guidance so that disabled passengers across the country will enjoy travel as much as the people of Greater Manchester.

The DDRG has produced a presenter’s guide to support good practice in accessible content for presentations at meetings. Download guide for presenters (.docx)

Greater Manchester Travel Training Forum (GMTTF)

The GMTTF meets four times a year in March, June, September and December.

Meetings are hosted by Transport for Greater Manchester at the Head Office, 2 Piccadilly Place, Manchester, M1 3BG.

Membership is free.

If you would like to join the GMTTF, please contact Kevin Northrop