Information can be found on travel accessibility around Greater Manchester:

We have aim to provide all the information that you need regarding concessionary and accessible travel, if there is any information missing, please provide feedback and we will work to include this information on these pages.

Journey assistance card for people exempt from face coverings

You can request a journey assistance card which you can show to transport staff to let them know you are exempt from wearing a face covering on public transport.

We will email you the card as a PDF file which you can print off at home and carry with you, or download to display on your smartphone.

It is not mandatory to have a journey assistance card when you travel, but you may carry one if you wish.

To request your card:

Printed cards are also available to pick up from our Travelshops across Greater Manchester. You do not need to contact us in advance, just pop into a Travelshop and ask for one.

The card is valid across all transport modes and operators in Greater Manchester. They are discreet, easy to use and understand, and can provide reassurance. If you already carry a Journey Assistance card from another operator, you can continue to use this, or you can request TFGM’s card also.

Travel pass for disabled people

If you are disabled, you could be eligible for a pass that gives you free and low-cost travel in Greater Manchester and the rest of England under the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme.

Travel vouchers for disabled people

If you can't use ordinary buses because you're blind or have serious walking disabilities you could be eligable to buy vouchers for discounted travel taxis in taxis, private hire vehicles and community transport schemes like Ring & Ride.