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Action Plan

To make sure TfGM delivers on the nine objectives set out, an action plan has been developed which sets clear and achievable actions to be undertaken under each objective – bringing TfGM closer to its aspirations to deliver a truly inclusive and integrated network. We take an annual approach to refreshing this and the most recent update has been published in February 2024.

Individual teams and functions have specific responsibility for delivering on the actions set out within the plan putting equality and diversity at the forefront of our ambitions. TfGM will produce an annual report, which will be published on our website, holding ourselves accountable for the progress against the actions and objectives set out within this strategy.

As a transport provider, we will... 

Objective 1: Fully understand GM people and places, existing inequalities and evidence-based decision making, including intersectionality, and apply that understanding in everything we do.

We will...

  • Deliver on our commitment to end violence for women and girls through our White Ribbon action plan
  • Ensure inclusion is embedded within all of our customer data and that we’re able to understand and take action where needed on the different experiences of our customers
  • Work with groups representing those with lived experience of disability to improve physical access across our network
  • Improve access to information about the physical accessibility of our rail stations

Objective 2: Enable diverse communities to co-design, shape and influence the GM transport system, including addressing barriers to participation.

We will...

  • Continue to build relationships with representative groups across Greater Manchester and ensure they have the opportunities to work with us in designing an inclusive and accessible network.
  • Work with representative groups to shape and deliver new infrastructure, services and policies.
  • Develop a public facing engagement and consultation hub on our website to give transparency on opportunities to be involved.
  • Develop guidance for our staff to ensure that public facing materials and campaigns are accessible to everyone.

Objective 3: Actively seek to address systemic transport inequalities and maximise the opportunity through the implementation of bus reform to deliver an inclusive and accessible transport network.

We will...

  • Ensure that feedback and knowledge that we receive from our customers and partners is shared throughout the organisation and is acted upon.
  • Undertake a review of the inclusion training provided to our frontline staff to understand how we can work with groups to enhance this.
  • Take an ongoing approach to involving representative groups in the development of our Bee Network App to ensure it supports our communities in accessing the network.
  • Produce materials such as explanatory videos, to ensure we’re telling our communities how they can access buses and trams.
  • Ensure our communities have the opportunity to inform how our networks, including bus services, are shaped.

Objective 4: Embed shared learning and maximise relationships and cross-sectoral partnership working through the GM system.

We will...

  • Share learning and best practice on engaging effectively with communities between various TfGM departments and with external partners.
  • Maximise relationships with other bodies doing similar work with communities to avoid duplication and harness the power of collaboration.
  • Work in partnership with other organisations and groups to deliver our ambitions for the Bee Network.

As an anchor organisation, we will...

Objective 5: Use all opportunities to tackle inequalities and support equality outcomes through our organisational policies and procedures, including ensuring consistent and meaningful benchmarking and monitoring.

We will...

  • Refresh our Inclusion and Equalities action plan at least annually and ensure that these are owned and delivered by colleagues across the organisation.
  • Work with partners to develop targets for encouraging VCSE suppliers onto our procurement frameworks.
  • Review our brand strategy and tone of voice in customer facing materials to ensure they are inclusive.

Objective 6: Maximise our role within the GM civic institution to enable GMS priorities.

We will...

  • Continue to ensure the Greater Manchester Strategy commitment to actively involving communities in shaping and delivering solutions is embedded in our approaches.
  • Continue to support and inform development and delivery of the VCFSE Accord, ensuring TfGM support the VCFSE sector’s role in the delivery of the GMS vision and through thematic strategies and delivery plans.  

As an employer, we will...

Objective 7: Empower our workforce to have a voice and provide opportunities to inform policy.

We will...

  • Consider the role of employee networks in improving the experience of colleagues working at TfGM
  • Listen to feedback from sources such as the Best Companies Survey to highlight areas where action is needed and implement this within the organisation.

Objective 8: Improve the quality of data we hold to understand the diversity of our workforce.

We will...

  • Consider how we align and consider the Greater Manchester Race Equity Strategy in our internal policies.
  • Encourage completion of diversity information for our workforce to understand our demographic makeup.
  • Adhere to our statutory duty to report on the Gender Pay Gap.

Objective 9: Seek to embed an inclusive and diverse culture within the organisation’s workforce.

We will...

  • Take action based on our analysis of recruitment data to implement inclusive recruitment practices that will encourage a broader representation of applicants.
  • Proactively celebrate annual diversity and inclusion events both internally and externally.
  • Invest in staff training to embed consistent processes and shared understanding of EDI requirements to ensure we are working inclusively and adhering to our equality duty.