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The Bee Network is our bold vision to deliver a joined-up transport system that works for you.

We commit to delivering a Bee Network that is:

  • Safe - We will create a safe and secure network
  • Accessible - Everyone can use us
  • Affordable - We will keep the cost of travel as low as possible
  • Reliable - We will deliver a reliable network
  • Sustainable - We will take the lead in creating a greener, healthier Greater Manchester
  • Accountable - We will use your feedback

Police officer keeping people say on Manchester transport network

We will create a safe and secure network

Everyone is welcome on the Bee Network, and we want you to feel that way.

  • Our team is here to make you feel secure and welcome.
  • We don’t tolerate aggression or abuse.
  • If you ever feel unsafe, or even just uncomfortable, you can find help and advice.

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Woman in a wheelchair waiting for the tram in Manchester

Everyone can use us

We want everyone to be able to help shape and develop the Bee Network and use it safely as and when they need it. So, we are making sure that:

  • When planning our network, we think about everyone who uses it.
  • Our information will allow you to make informed choices and it will be clear, accurate and available in different formats and languages.
  • When it comes to paying for your travel, we will make it simple.
  • Our staff are trained to lend a helping hand if you need it. So don’t be afraid to get in touch.

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Read our Inclusion and Equality Strategy 2022-2026

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We will keep the cost of travel as low as possible

We’ll only charge what we need to run a safe and comfortable service. We invest the cost of your journey back into the Bee Network, so that it keeps improving.

  • We offer a range of ticket and pass options to suit your needs.
  • By paying the right fare for your journey, we can keep ticket costs down for everyone and keep improving the Bee Network.

Discover tickets and passes options

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We will deliver a reliable and consistent network

We’ve set ourselves clear targets for how many of our services run on time. We’ll do our best to stick to them. But our first priority will always be keeping you safe:

  • If we know that services are going to change, like for an event or repairs, we’ll tell you as soon as possible, so you can make other plans.
  • If there’s a last-minute change or problem, we’ll be clear about what’s happening and what we’re doing to help you.
  • And we’ll get things sorted as quickly as we can.

See live travel updates

See if any lifts are closed on your journey

A man stood at a cycle hire station hiring a bike.

We will take the lead in creating a greener, healthier Greater Manchester

We want Greater Manchester to be greener and healthier, so it’s an even better place to live, get on and grow old. That means giving you cleaner and greener travel choices:

  • By travelling on the Bee Network, you help to cut carbon emissions.
  • We’re always looking for new ways to cut our emissions even more and help meet Greater Manchester’s carbon neutral commitments.
  • You can always use active travel options and can to help get you where you need to go.

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Transport for Greater Manchester worker with a clipboard stood on a bus

We will use your feedback to shape the Bee Network

We run the Bee Network for you:

  • The Bee Network will be the easy to use travel service that Greater Manchester deserves.
  • But it’s a journey – and we won’t always get it right.
  • We promise to always listen, hold our hands up when we’ve done something wrong and keep you updated on how we’ll do better.
  • We check on our own performance, but no one knows us better than you.

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