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Web banner with the six customer commitments on them

We're committed to delivering a Bee Network that is:

  • Safe
  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Sustainable
  • Accountable

To make sure we do this, we've been using your feedback to shape the Bee Network so that it works for you.

Read about the changes we've been making thanks to comments we've received from our Rate Your Journey survey.

You said We did
Audio Visual Announcements are difficult to hear The volume of the announcements is now better on our electric buses (Accessible)
Vaping on buses must stop We tackled 45 instances of vaping in October (Safe)
You want to feel more safe and secure on the network During Operation Avro we had 12,000+ passenger conversations (Safe)
Some peoples' behaviour on buses is intimidating We tackled 225 instances of antisocial behaviour in October and November (Safe)
Youth-related anti-social behaviour is an issue We engaged with over 198 young people using our facilities through our partners at Foundation 92 (Safe)
You told us you want an easy and discreet way to report incidents We provided a link to GMP's Live Chat in our Rate Your Journey survey (Safe)
You wanted to be able to see a tram network map so you can see tram routes. We gave you quick access to the map, visible under each tram stop. (Accessible)
You wanted to be able to see service status and alerts easily. We added an ‘alerts’ button under every stop and station so you can check updates. (Accessible)
More room on the trams over Christmas Extra double trams on Sundays on Altrincham, Bury and East Didsbury lines (Reliable)
We need an easy way to report anti social behaviour We added a link to GMP's Live Chat in the Rate Your Journey section on the app (Safe)
We need payment on the app to be as easy as possible We added Apple Pay and Google Pay options to the app (Accountable)