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If you are caught committing an offence on your motorbike, the police can give you the opportunity to go on a course to help you keep to the law in the future.

You can only go on this course if you have had a police letter giving you the choice to attend.

Who is it for?

To qualify for the course, you must have:

  • been caught committing an offence on a motorbike; and
  • not taken a National Rider Risk Awareness Course or RIDE course in the three years before your most recent offence.

After completing the course, there’ll be no further action taken for the offence. But if you book a course, and don’t turn up, the case goes to the Crown Prosecution Service.

What sort of course is it?

You’ll learn about why you have been offered the course, help you understand the risks of riding, find ways to change your riding behaviour and help you reduce the risk to yourself and others. There is no driving, and no test.

You can complete the 3 hour course online from the comfort of your own home using ZOOM with up to 9 clients and our Trainer.

This course is currently only available online.

You will need access to a device (computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) with microphone and camera with reliable internet connection capable of streaming video. Smartphones may be used, however the course will be far more effective if you have a larger screen. You will need to be in a private room, alone without disturbances. You must engage in the course throughout - clients must not switch off their webcam, leave the course or have other members of the household in the room with them (unless previously agreed). Clients should give their full attention to the course and not be distracted.

How much does it cost?

It costs £90, but when you have completed the course you don’t have to pay the normal £100 fine, and you don’t get points on your licence.

To book your course you will need:

  1. Your police reference number and PIN (shown on your police course offer letter).

  2. To pay £90 (Visa or Mastercard)

  3. To be aware of our terms and conditions and privacy notice (below).

Already booked a DriveSafe online course?

Once you have booked a DriveSafe online course, to ensure you can successfully join your course please watch our 2 minute video and view helpful information.

You can also check your device requirements, test Zoom and view other important information.

Check or rearrange your course date

If you have already booked your course, you can check the venue, date and time.

You can change your course date up to the day before – although it must still be within the deadline set by the police.

If the course is 14 or more days ahead, it’s free to rearrange.

But if it is less than 14 days away it costs £41.