The Greater Manchester Franchising Scheme for Buses was made on 30th March 2021. The Scheme specified that the date on which the local service contract for Sub-Area A (which includes Wigan and Bolton) may first be entered into is 30th April 2022. For a detailed map of Sub-Area A please refer to

The procurement process for the implementation of the Scheme in Sub Area A has been delayed as a result of two claims for judicial review of the decision to make the Scheme.  Those claims were dismissed by the High Court on March 9th 2022. There is an outstanding application to the Court of Appeal by one of the Claimants for permission to appeal against that decision.

It appears to the Mayor of Greater Manchester that the date on which a local service contract may first be entered into in Sub-Area A now needs to be postponed given the delay until at least 16th December 2022. This is the earliest practicable date and there is a public interest in implementing the Scheme as soon as possible.  As a consequence, the date on which a local service may first be provided under a local service contract in Sub-Area A would be delayed from 29th January 2023 to 17th September 2023.

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If you wish to comment on this proposed date change, please provide comments by 4pm on 27th April 2022 to the TfGM Customer Relations team by email to or write to:

Customer Relations - The GM Bus Franchising Scheme for 2021

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