A yellow bee network bus with the text 'say yellow to your buses'

From September 2023, bus services across Greater Manchester will start to be brought under local control.

Before then, you might start to see some buses turning yellow.

For now, there are no major changes to bus services and standards in Greater Manchester. The only change you might see is a splash of yellow.

Your bus stop might also start to look a little bit different, with Bee Network signs and shelter displays beginning to appear across the network from April.

The first bus services will come under local control in Wigan and Bolton, as well of parts of Salford, Manchester and Bury.

In the meantime, if you have any issues, continue to get in touch with your usual bus operator. You can find their contact details here.

We’ll keep you posted on any changes.

A yellow bee network bus outside bolton council building

Bringing buses back under local control

Buses are being brought under local control which means that buses will be run for you, the passenger, as part of a joined up public transport network, the Bee Network.

Bee Network buses will be introduced gradually between 24 September 2023 and January 2025.

Local control of buses means that we will be able to plan services with:

  • Simpler fares and ticketing, and a price cap so no one pays more than they need to.
  • Modern, attractive, accessible, low emission buses.
  • World class safety and customer service standards.
  • Real time information at your fingertips.

Find out more about Bee Network buses:

Image of a passenger using a wheelchair in a bus station with all buses yellow in the background.

Better buses

From September 2023, we start to have more control over our bus network. That means we will be responsible for decisions about where buses run, how often and at what times.

Woman getting on the bus paying lower bus fares

Low bus fares

Make the most of lower bus fares. Single journeys cost £2 for adults and £1 for children. A day of unlimited travel costs £5 for adults and £2.50 for children.

Bee Network yellow buses on a yellow background

Timeline for better buses

Because of the size of the bus network, and the scale of change, improvements will be made in phases from September 2023 through to January 2025.

Yellow bee network bus in new branding

Want to find out more?

Take a look at some frequently asked questions and learn more about how buses are changing in Greater Manchester.