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Save money with new multi tickets that you can use to travel on both the bus and tram in Greater Manchester.

It’s up to 20% cheaper compared to paying separately for bus and tram journeys.

What is the Bee AnyBus + Tram travelcard?

Bee AnyBus + Tram travelcards mean that you can get unlimited travel on any bus in Greater Manchester and on any tram in the selected zone(s).

You can buy travelcards that last:

  • 1-day
  • 7-days
  • 28-days

Who can buy the Bee AnyBus + Tram travelcard?

Anyone can buy this ticket.

If you're under 16 (or aged 16 with an igo card) you can buy a half price child ticket.

How much does a Bee AnyBus + Tram travelcard cost?

The cost of the Bee AnyBus + Tram travelcard is different depending on:

  • who is buying the travelcard (adult or child)
  • when they plan to travel (anytime or off-peak) and
  • which tram zone(s) they want to travel in. Find your tram zone.

See which ticket is best for you.

How do you buy a Bee AnyBus + Tram travelcard?

  • These tickets are available to buy from the Bee Network app.
  • Buy the 1-day Bee AnyBus + Tram + any zone combination at the ticket machine on a tram platform. Pay by cash or contactless card.
  • Buy the 1-day Bee AnyBus + Tram all zone ticket on a Bee Network bus, or any other operator in Greater Manchester. Pay by cash, contactless card, ApplePay or GooglePay.
  • 7-day and 28-day tickets are also available at our Information and Ticket Offices and at PayPoint outlets.