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If you travel frequently at peak times, save time and money with a Metrolink annual travelcard and travel any day, any time. This ticket gives you unlimited travel throughout your chosen Metrolink zones.

Your ticket must be valid in all zones you travel through. Your ticket is valid for 365 consecutive days.

Check if you qualify

To buy a concession travelcard, you must have a TfGM-issued disability travel pass with you.

If you have a TfGM-issued disability plus travel pass you can travel for free at any time on Metrolink.

If the pass you hold has been issued from another authority other than Transport for Greater Manchester, you would be required to pay the full adult fare.

The cost

Zones Cost
Any one zone (1, 2, 3 or 4) £208
Two zones (1+2) £338
Two zones (2+3 or 3+4) £296
Three zones (1+2+3) £483.50
Three zones (2+3+4) £384.50
All zones (1+2+3+4) £577

How to buy your ticket

You must buy your ticket before your first journey. You cannot buy tickets on the tram.

A convenient way to buy a ticket is online using your concessionary pass as a smart card. It’s easy, flexible and avoids the queues.

Find out more about Bee Cards, and using smart cards.

Alternatively, you can buy a ticket:

If you lose your ticket

If you lose your smart card, you should report your card as lost stolen or damaged either by logging into your account or by phoning our customer services on 0161 244 1000. They will arrange for a replacement card to be sent to your home address.

If you had a 28-day or annual ticket on your card with more than 7 days left before it expires, this will be made available for collection on your new card. Please note that you will have to collect this product from a Metrolink Smart reader. This applies even if the product is for bus.

Staff at our Information and Ticket offices can also request a replacement card for you but please note that, in order for your replacement card to be loaded with eligible replacement tickets and travelcards, it must be sent to your home address. A card issued to you in the shop will not have replacement products available to it.

You can request a refund (admin charge applies) providing there are at least 31 days left on the ticket. Please contact us on 0161 244 1000 to ask about getting your ticket refunded.