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Where to buy tram tickets

You cannot pay for a journey on the tram. You must have a ticket before you get on.

Contactless pay as you go

You can travel by tram with contactless cards and devices, using the smart readers on stops to pay for journeys as you go. We’ll work out the adult single or travelcard prices for your day’s journeys, up to a daily cap.

Touch-in before boarding the tram and touch-out at your destination stop. You don’t need to touch-out and touch-in again if you’re just changing trams as part of a single journey between two Metrolink stops.

You must touch-in and touch-out with the same card or device and will need to use a different one for each person travelling. Using a ticket machine may be a better option, if paying for a family or group.

If your contactless payment type is accepted, you’ll see OK on the screen. If your contactless payment type is not accepted, you’ll need to try another card or device or buy a ticket another way eg from the get me there app or ticket machine on the platform.

You can now see your journeys, check charges and get statements online for the payment cards you use to travel contactless.

Find out more about travelling with contactless

get me there mobile ticket app

There's no need to print a ticket; download the app and use your smartphone as your ticket.

Use the app to buy adult tickets: including 1-day, weekend, 7-day and 28-day travelcards for Metrolink trams.

Find out more and download the app at

Online at

You can buy a range of tickets and travelcards online and store them on a smart card.

Using a get me there account is perfect if you want to buy a day ticket or season ticket in advance using a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can buy a ticket up to 7 days in advance and your ticket will be available from the day after you buy it. Just use a smart reader at a tram stop to collect it.

When you create your account, you can request a get me there card or link another compatible smart card you already have.

At a tram stop ticket machine

Pay by credit or debit card (including contactless up to £45) or by cash (change given) for adult, child, concession and family tram tickets: including single tickets and 1-day, weekend, 7-day and 28-day travelcards.

TfGM Travelshops

Buy from a wide range of tickets for bus, train and tram travel.

- System One travelcards for a combination of bus, train and tram for 1-day, weekend, 7-day, 28-day and annual travel
- Metrolink tram season tickets
- Wayfarer tickets
- National Express coach tickets.

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Hundreds of local shops, convenience stores, newsagents and petrol stations in Greater Manchester are PayPoint outlets, displaying the PayPoint sign. You can pay for lots of things here, including travel tickets.

Buy from a wide range of tickets for buses, trains and trams, including System One travelcards for all-day, 7-day or 28-day travel, Metrolink tram season tickets, and Wayfarer tickets.

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