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Travel planning for employers

Employer guidance on travel and commuting in Greater Manchester

As Greater Manchester starts to reopen, our priority is working with you to support your employees and customers to return safely.

Between now and 21 June, government guidance is that people should minimise the number of journeys they make and, when they do travel, walk or cycle where possible, travel at quieter times and follow travel guidance for Hands, Face, Space, Fresh air.

Transport operators are also required to maintain social distancing on public transport services. This means that trams, buses and trains can carry fewer people than before the pandemic.

Until it is no longer required on public transport, we need to work together to support social distancing for safer, more confident journeys, and keep the limited capacity at the busiest times for those who rely on public transport and have no choice of when to travel.

However, in line with the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, over the coming weeks more employees will be returning to work for the first time in months, along with customers travelling more for hospitality, retail and leisure.

We are working together with local authorities and transport operators to support people to continue to travel safely.

Download our factsheet which sets out what we’re doing and how we hope to work with you to support people to travel safely and manage capacity.

You can also download our Business and Employer pack which includes resources to support your employees and customers to travel safely and help spread travelling times across public transport. The pack includes posters for staff and customers, assets for internal communications and social media, and web content that you can use or adapt for your channels.

See our Coronavirus page for the latest customer guidance on travelling across the network.


Longer-term travel planning for employers

If you’re a business or employer and want advice on how to support more sustainable travel for you and your employees including walking, cycling and public transport; and ideas for improving the efficiency of your fleet, we can help.

Our team can provide expert knowledge and support to help you encourage your employees to travel to work by bike or on foot, such as the Cycle to Work scheme, bike parking, cycle champions and providing shower facilities. We can also develop a plan with you to include more sustainable travel in your wider business practices.

Getting started

Getting started

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking at travel for your organisation. Approaches differ depending on an organisation’s size, sector and location. You may even be relocating to a new space. We have produced this step by step guide to get you started reviewing your business and staff travel, with information and useful links on where to find support.

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