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1 Intack - Darwen - Egerton - Dunscar - Eagley - Bolton

Bus: 1

Intack - Darwen - Egerton - Dunscar - Eagley - Bolton

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Intack, Whitebirk Road / by Hamer Avenue
Intack, Accrington Road / by Bank Lane
Intack, Accrington Road / by Winmarleigh Street
Blackburn, Bottomgate / by Tesco
Higher Audley, Copy Nook / adj Lambeth Street
Audley, by Higher Eanam
Blackburn, Salford / by Eanam Old Road
Blackburn Town Centre, Salford / Bus Station (Stand 8)
Blackburn Town Centre, Salford / Bus Station (Stand 7)
Blackburn Town Centre, Railway Road / Interchange (Stand 1)
Blackburn Town Centre, by Darwen Street
Audley Lower, by Russell Street
Hollin Bank, Bolton Road / by Highfield Road
Blackburn, Bolton Road / by Infirmary Road
Hollin Bank, Bolton Road / opp Empire Theatre
Ewood, Bolton Road / by Ewood Hub
Ewood, Bolton Road / adj Top o th Croft
Ewood, Bolton Road / by Branch Road
Ewood, Bolton Road / by Cravens Brow
Ewood, Bolton Road / by Boundary
Earcroft, Blackburn Road / opp Darwen Vale School
Darwen, Blackburn Road / adj Redvers Road
Darwen, Anchor Road / adj The Anchor
Darwen, Blackburn Road / opp Lynwood Avenue
Darwen, Blackburn Road / by Pitville Street
Darwen, Blackburn Road / adj Argyle Street
Darwen, Blackburn Road / by Lloyd Street
Darwen, Duckworth Street / adj British Queen
Darwen, Market Street / by Duckworth Street
Darwen, Croft Street / Town Centre (Stand 1)
Darwen, Bolton Road / by India Mill
Darwen, Bolton Road / by Mill Gap Street
Darwen, Bolton Road / opp Huntington Drive
Darwen, Bolton Road / by Cross Street
Darwen, Bolton Road / adj Mayfield Flats
Darwen, Melbourne Street / by Epworth Street
Darwen, Bolton Road / adj Maria Street
Darwen, Bolton Road / by Blackpool Street
Darwen, Cemetery Road / adj Knowlesly Road
Darwen, Cemetery Road / o/s West Cemetery
Darwen, by Jacks Key Drive
Darwen, Cemetery Road / by Darwen Cemetery
Darwen, Bolton Road / opp Bull Hill Cottages
Cadshaw, Bolton Road / opp Woodlea Chase
Dimple, Blackburn Road / opp Moss Cottages
Dimple, Blackburn Road / at Dimple
Egerton, Blackburn Road / opp The Cross Guns Inn
Egerton, Blackburn Road / opp Longworth Road
Egerton, Blackburn Road / opp Egerton Vale
Dunscar, Blackburn Road / cnr Mason Street
Dunscar, Blackburn Road / at Dunscar War Memorial
Dunscar, Blackburn Road / opp Shorefield Mount
Dunscar, Blackburn Road / nr Dunscar Bridge
Dunscar, Blackburn Road / o/s Reservoir
Eagley, Blackburn Road / opp Kermoor Avenue
Eagley, Blackburn Road / Andrew Lane (Stop B)
Astley Bridge, Blackburn Road / opp Thorndyke Avenue
Astley Bridge, Blackburn Road / nr Rainshaw Street
Astley Bridge, Blackburn Road / The Pineapple (Stop E)
Astley Bridge, Blackburn Road / Nell Street (Stop J)
Halliwell, Blackburn Road / opp Old Road
Halliwell, Blackburn Road / cnr Elmfield Street
Halliwell, Blackburn Road / nr Ullswater Street
Halliwell, Blackburn Road / opp Draycott Street
Halliwell, Blackburn Road / opp Prospect Street
Bolton, Higher Bridge S / opp Slater Street
Bolton, Higher Bridge Street / opp Prince Street
Bolton, St Georges Road / opp Palace Street
Bolton, Knowsley Street / o/s Market Place
Bolton, Deansgate / nr Howell Croft North
Bolton, Black Horse Street / opp Bolton Market
Bolton interchange