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112 Boarshaw - Middleton - Greengate - Piccadilly Gardens

Bus: 112

Boarshaw - Middleton - Greengate - Piccadilly Gardens

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Boarshaw, NE-bound Boarshaw Road
Boarshaw, S-bound Hereford Way
Boarshaw, SW-bound Hereford Way
Boarshaw, NW-bound Hereford Way
Boarshaw, Green Lane / opp Dale Road
John Lee Fold, Hilton Fold Lane / opp Cromer Industrial Estate
Middleton, Oldham Road / o/s Hare & Hounds
Middleton, Oldham Road / opp Vale Street
Middleton, Oldham Road / nr Taylor Street
Middleton bus station
Middleton, Assheton Way / opp Middleton Arena
Middleton, Market Place / opp Townley Street
Middleton, Townley Street / nr Spring Vale
Middleton, Townley Street / opp Langton Street
Middleton, Grimshaw Lane / nr Saxon Street
Moorclose, Grimshaw Lane / opp Dane Bank
Moorclose, Grimshaw Lane / o/s Lonsdale Court
Middleton Junction, Grimshaw Lane / opp Haslam Street
Middleton Junction, Greengate / Middleton Junction (Stop D)
Greengate, Greengate / opp Mainway East
Greengate, Greengate / o/s Stagecoach Depot
Greengate, Greengate / nr Moston Road
Greengate, Greengate / o/s NOV Factory
Moston, Greengate / Gardener's Arms (Stop B)
Moston, Moston Lane / Gardener's Arms (Stop F)
Moston, Moston Lane / nr Leyburn Road
Moston, Moston Lane / nr Shawford Road
Moston, Moston Lane / o/s Broadhurst Fields
Moston, Moston Lane / opp Horncastle Road
Moston, Moston Lane / o/s Moston Cemetery
Moston, Moston Lane / opp Blue Bell
Moston, Moston Lane / nr Leighton Street
Moston, Moston Lane / o/s Ben Brierley
Moston, Moston Lane / opp Post Office
Moston, Moston Lane / opp Edward Street
Harpurhey, Moston Lane / nr Hillier Street North
Harpurhey, Upper Conran Street / opp Asda
Harpurhey, Fernclough Road / nr Hemmington Drive
Harpurhey, Fernclough Road / nr Carisbrook Street
Harpurhey, Fernclough Road / o/s The Shiredale
Queens Park, Rochdale Road / nr Lathbury Road
Collyhurst, Rochdale Road / Queens Road (Stop F)
Collyhurst, Rochdale Road / nr Paget Street
Collyhurst, Rochdale Road / nr Whitley Road
Newtown, Rochdale Road / nr Osborne Street
Newtown, Rochdale Road / opp Peary Street
Newtown, Rochdale Road / opp Clive Street
Newtown, Rochdale Road / nr Marshall Street
Shudehill, Shudehill / Hanover Street (Stop NN)
Manchester City Centre, High Street / Turner Street (Stop NZ)
Manchester City Centre, Church Street / The Unicorn (Stop CA)
Piccadilly Gardens, Oldham Street / Piccadilly Gardens (Stop B)