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28 Leigh - Culcheth - Birchwood - Bruche - Howley - Warrington

Bus: 28

Leigh - Culcheth - Birchwood - Bruche - Howley - Warrington

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Leigh bus station
Leigh, Spinning Jenny Way / opp Derby Street
Leigh, Chapel Street / nr Brewery Lane
Leigh, Chapel Street / opp Rothay Street
Leigh, Chapel Street / opp Butts Bridge
Hooten Gardens, Warrington Road / nr Central Avenue
Hooten Gardens, Warrington Road / opp Hope Carr Road
Hooten Gardens, Warrington Road / opp Archer Street
Siddow Common, Warrington Road / nr East Lancs Road
Glazebury, Warrington Road / opp Foresters Arms
Glazebury, Warrington Road / o/s Bents Garden Centre
Glazebury, Warrington Road / cnr Hurst Mill Lane
Glazebury, Warrington Road / nr Coronation Avenue
Glazebury, Light Oaks Road / o/s Chat Moss Hotel
Glazebury, Warrington Road / opp George & Dragon
Fowley Common, Warrington Road / opp Fowley Common Lane
Culcheth, Warrington Road / o/s Mee Brow Playground
Culcheth, Warrington Road / nr Holcroft Lane
Culcheth, Warrington Road / o/s BP Garage
Culcheth, Warrington Road / opp Library
Culcheth, Warrington Road / cnr Chatburn Court
Culcheth, Warrington Road / o/s Newchurch Lane
Culcheth, Warrington Road / nr Taylor Business Park
Risley, Warrington Road / o/s Risley HMP
Risley, Warrington Road / o/s Merefield
Risley, Warrington Road / o/s Noggin Inn
Risley, Warrington Road / nr Birchwood Park Avenue
Birchwood, Birchwood Park Avenue / opp Kelvin Close
Birchwood, Glover Road / cnr Copperfield Close
Locking Stumps, Glover Road / cnr Strawberry Close
Birchwood, Glover Road / o/s Turf & Feather
Birchwood, Glover Road / cnr Heather Close
Birchwood, Delenty Drive / opp Heathfield House
Birchwood, Faraday Street / opp Birchwood Park
Oakwood, SW-bound Ordnance Avenue
Oakwood, Admirals Road / opp Fire Station
Birchwood, Dewhurst Road / opp Ainscough Road
Birchwood, Station Forecourt / o/s Birchwood Station
Birchwood, Dewhurst Road / opp Birchwood Centre
Birchwood, Benson Road / nr Birchwood Centre
Birchwood, Brock Road / o/s Library
Oakwood, Chatfield Drive / o/s Foxwood School
Oakwood, Admirals Road / nr Fire Station
Birchwood, Birchwood Way / SW-bound Roberts Fold
Longbarn, Harpers Road / opp Blackburne Close
Longbarn, Harpers Road / nr Freshfields Drive
Longbarn, Harpers Road / opp Carpenter Grove
Padgate, Harpers Road / adj Conservative Club
Padgate, Station Road South / o/s Stocks Pub
Padgate, Padgate Lane / opp Methodist Church
Padgate, Padgate Lane / o/s St Oswalds Church
Bruche, Padgate Lane / cnr Mason Avenue
Bruche, Padgate Lane / nr King & Queen
Bruche, Padgate Lane / opp Briarwood Avenue
Bruche, Padgate Lane / cnr Beresford Street
Bruche, Manchester Road / adj Cemetery
Howley, Manchester Road / cnr Helsby Street
Howley, Manchester Road / o/s St Elphin's Park
Howley, Church Street / o/s Parish Church
Howley, Church Street / opp Orchard Street
Warrington, Scotland Road / NW-bound Scotland Road Alighting Only
Warrington, Winwick Street / Bus Interchange (Stand 13)