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590 Halifax Town Centre - Hebden Bridge - Todmorden - Rochdale

Bus: 590

Halifax Town Centre - Hebden Bridge - Todmorden - Rochdale

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Halifax Town Centre, Crown Street / Crown Street 18
Halifax Town Centre, George Street / George Street 23
Halifax Town Centre, King Cross Street / Hopwood Lane
Halifax Town Centre, King Cross Street / opp Halifax Playhouse
Halifax Town Centre, King Cross Street / Burdock Way
King Cross, King Cross Street / People's Park
King Cross, King Cross Street / Mayfield Avenue
King Cross, King Cross Road / at Queens Road
King Cross, King Cross Road / King Cross
Pye Nest, Burnley Road / opp Granny Hill
Pye Nest, Burnley Road / Green Lane
Willow Field, Burnley Road / Ashdown Close
Willow Field, Burnley Road / near Willow Drive
Willow Field, Burnley Road / opp Cote Hill
Warley, Burnley Road / at Whitty Lane
Friendly, Burnley Road / at Albert Road
Friendly, Burnley Road / opp Tuel Lane Top
Friendly, Burnley Road / opp Spring Gardens
Friendly, Burnley Road / Friendly
Friendly, Burnley Road / Bramble Bank
Friendly, Burnley Road / Warley Wood Avenue
Friendly, Burnley Road / at Barwood
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / Rose Grove Lane
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / opp Luddendenfoot Academy
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / opp Prospect Terrace
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / Old Red Lion
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / opp Luddenden Foot
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / opp Rock Cliffe Mount
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / at Upper Foot
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / Spring Royd
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / at Stoney Springs
Luddenden Foot, Burnley Road / Brearley
Mytholmroyd, Burnley Road / at Moderna Way
Mytholmroyd, Burnley Road / Calder High School
Mytholmroyd, Burnley Road / White Lee Terrace
Mytholmroyd, Burnley Road / Mytholmroyd New Rd
Mytholmroyd, Burnley Road / Burnley Rd Academy
Mytholmroyd, Burnley Road / opp Bethesda Row
Mytholmroyd, Burnley Road / opp Bank Buildings
Hebden Bridge, Burnley Road / Falling Royd
Hebden Bridge, Burnley Road / at Mayroyd Bridge
Hebden Bridge, Burnley Road / Hebden Bridge Stn
Hebden Bridge, New Road / Hebden Bridge New Rd
Hebden Bridge, Market Street / Hebden Bridge Market St
Hebden Bridge, at Bankfoot
Hebden Bridge, King Street / opp Mytholm Hall
Hebden Bridge, King Street / at Green Springs
Hebden Bridge, Halifax Road / Thistle Bottom
Hebden Bridge, Halifax Road / Woodland View
Hebden Bridge, Burnley Road / near Callis Bridge
Eastwood, Halifax Road / at Sandbed
Eastwood, Halifax Road / at Knowl Ends Farm
Eastwood, Halifax Road / Eastwood
Eastwood, Halifax Road / at Eastwood Hall
Eastwood, Halifax Road / near Victoria Terrace
Eastwood, Halifax Road / Springside
Todmorden, Halifax Road / W bound Shaw Wood View
Todmorden, Halifax Road / opp Lob Mill
Todmorden, Halifax Road / at Woodhouse Road
Todmorden, Halifax Road / opp Castle Hill School
Todmorden, Halifax Road / Millwood Depot
Todmorden, Halifax Road / adj Cross Stone Road
Todmorden, Halifax Road / opp Stansfield Bridge
Todmorden, Halifax Road / at Todmorden Lidl
Todmorden, Halifax Road / Todmorden WMC
Todmorden, Halifax Road / Todmorden Halifax Rd
Todmorden, Burnley Road - Todmorden Bus Station / Todmorden Bus Stn D
Todmorden, Rochdale Road / Todmorden Town Hall
Todmorden, Rochdale Road / Salford Way
Todmorden, Rochdale Road / Todmorden Morrisons
Todmorden, Rochdale Road / Laneside Street
Todmorden, Rochdale Road / at Knowlwood Road
Todmorden, Rochdale Road / Shade School
Todmorden, Rochdale Road / near Gauxholme Viaduct
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Hollins Road
Walsden, Rochdale Road / opp Monas Terrace
Walsden, Rochdale Road / at Granville Street
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Walsden Station
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Scott Street
Walsden, Rochdale Road / opp Rochdale Road Scott St
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Walsden CC
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Waggon & Horses
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Walsden Ind Est
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Deanroyd Road
Walsden, Rochdale Road / at Lane Bottom
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Stone House Bridge
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Warland Gate End
Walsden, Rochdale Road / Calderbrook Road
Summit, Todmorden Road / in Dean Head
Summit, Todmorden Road / o/s The Summit
Summit, Todmorden Road / nr Holme House Street
Summit, Todmorden Road / nr Lightowlers Lane
Stansfield, Todmorden Road / opp Stansfield Hall Primary School
Stansfield, Todmorden Road / nr Reddyshaw Brow
Gale, Todmorden Road / opp Gale Close
Littleborough, Todmorden Road / opp Carriage Drive
Littleborough, Todmorden Road / opp Ferrand Road
Littleborough, Todmorden Road / opp The Vine Fellowship Church
Littleborough, Church Street / Littleborough Square (Stop B)
Littleborough, Church Street / opp Stockton Street
Littleborough, Featherstall Road / nr Butterworth Street
Littleborough, Featherstall Road / opp Whitelees Road
Dearnley, New Road / nr Dearnley Avenue
Dearnley, New Road / opp Crowther Street
Dearnley, New Road / opp Arm Road
Wuerdle, Halifax Road / Mount Avenue (Stop C)
Hurstead, Halifax Road / opp Braddocks Close
Hurstead, Halifax Road / opp Oakcliffe Road
Smallbridge, Halifax Road / opp Ashbrook Hey Lane
Smallbridge, Halifax Road / opp Smallbridge Library
Howarth Cross, Halifax Road / nr Millgate
Howarth Cross, Halifax Road / opp Clayton Street
Howarth Cross, Halifax Road / nr Cook Street
Belfield, Halifax Road / nr Rochdale Community Fire Station
Town Head, Halifax Road / opp Rugby Road
Town Head, Yorkshire Street / opp Regent Street
Town Head, Yorkshire Street / o/s Ukrainian Catholic Church
Town Head, John Street / nr Robert Street
Rochdale Interchange