Bus operators in Greater Manchester are steadily making more and more of their buses as accessible as possible and all comply with the minimum standards required by government regulations.

Many buses have ramps and can accommodate wheelchairs. Some new buses also have display screens, route numbers, destination displays and audio-visual ‘next stop’ announcements.

A lot of bus operators have low floor buses to make it easier for people who use wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and those with small children and pushchairs. If you do use a mobility scooter make sure you check with your bus operator how you can use yours safely.

Many bus operators will also have supporting technology such as apps that let you know how crowded a bus is or if it has a wheelchair space free. Please check with your bus operator to see exactly what accessibility options they can provide for your journey.

For more information on what you can expect from your bus operator you can read about bus standards, you can visit the accessible bus and coach regulations webpage.

Other bus companies

Over 40 bus and coach companies operate in Greater Manchester. Many are making similar steps to more accessible travel.

Visit the individual bus operators websites to view their accessibility policies.