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Terms and conditions for Park & Ride permitted car parking hours:

  1. These terms and conditions are applicable for the following Park & Ride sites: Brooklands, Stretford, Navigation Road, Bury, Crumpsall, Prestwich, Radcliffe, Whitefield, East Didsbury, Ladywell, Parkway, Hollinwood, Oldham Mumps, Rochdale Rail Station, Derker and Shaw and Crompton stops.

  2. The following extended hours will apply for permitted parking:
    a) Customers parking a vehicle on a Friday will have to remove it before 12 noon on Saturday; and
    b) Customers parking a vehicle on a Saturday will have to remove it before 12 noon on Sunday.

  3. All customers must remove their vehicles before the end of the tram services on Sunday to Thursday.

  4. Customers must note that they are not permitted to park a vehicle continuously for the duration of the weekend.

  5. The car parks included will be monitored and parking charge notices issued for vehicles identified as being in breach of the above terms and conditions.

  6. All vehicles and property are left in the carparks at their owners risk and no liability will be accepted for damage, loss or theft.

  7. Metrolink reserves the right to change or update its Park & Ride terms and conditions at any time. This includes the right to withdraw any or all sites without notice.

  8. Customers must note that not all Metrolink Park & Ride sites are included. The sites not included will be subject to the usual terms and conditions which state that Metrolink Park & Ride facilities are only available to Metrolink customers during the hours of service and overnight parking is not permitted. Please refer to signage within the parking facilities for the usual terms and conditions of usage.

Customers who have any queries in relation to the terms and conditions for permitted parking can contact TfGM Customer Services telephone line on 0161 205 2000 or email