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We are working with businesses to help them support their employees to travel more sustainably and affordably whether they are full time or working under hybrid arrangements.

We offer a range of corporate offers and incentives depending on your business needs, including a discounted Clipper product and Metrolink annual season ticket pre-loaded onto our Bee Cards (formerly get me there).

Current offers

Metrolink offers fast, efficient, sustainable and cost-effective travel across the UK’s largest light rail network. It serves 99 stops across eight different lines with a fleet of 147 trams, spanning seven of Greater Manchester’s ten local authority areas.

So if you are a large business, we’re here to discuss ways to help make sustainable travel the first choice for your employees. You might be considering how to reduce your carbon footprint and ways to achieve net zero so we can support you with initiatives which look to reduce single occupancy car usage, increase active travel etc.

Corporate clipper

Perfect for hybrid workers, Clipper provides Metrolink passengers with a super-flexible set of 10 one day travelcards for the price of nine, which are valid for 56 days. The corporate clipper offers a further 10% off this price.

The travelcards, which are uploaded to a Bee Card, can be for any zone combination, anytime or off peak. Perfect for anyone travelling regularly – but not every day.

Find out more about Clipper.

Corporate Metrolink season ticket

A Metrolink season ticket provides unlimited travel all year round at a great value price for the Metrolink zones selected. Your staff can save time and money while they are travelling, perfect for anyone who has to travel frequently for work either in one place or in different locations across the network.

Benefits of the annual scheme

  • An additional 10% volume discount on Metrolink annual season tickets for employees.
  • The equivalent of up to 18 weeks free travel, depending on the zones travelled, compared to buying 52 weekly tickets.
  • Passes can be used for travel to work and travel at weekends too so they can make the most of everything Greater Manchester has to offer.
  • Free use of Metrolink Park and Ride facilities across the network.

If you’re interested in finding out how to travel more sustainably and how you can become part of the corporate scheme, we would welcome a conversation to understand your business requirements. In the first instance please complete this enquiry form and then drop us a line at