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We know some people find it harder than others to stand up when travelling on public transport. Not all disabilities and conditions are visible making it hard to know who needs a seat.

Our ‘Please offer me a seat’ initiative is a simple badge system aimed to help make our customers’ journeys easier and more comfortable.

If you find it difficult to stand while travelling on public transport you can apply here for a badge below. The process is quick and simple and you do not need to supply any medical details or supporting evidence as to why you might need one.

Our ‘Please offer me a seat’ scheme is built on trust for those customers in genuine need. The badge indicates to other customers that you need to sit down. If no-one offers you a seat you can use the badge to politely ask a fellow customer already seated to give up their seat. Please be aware, you cannot insist someone move for you, the scheme depends on goodwill. It should be remembered that not all people needing a seat will use the scheme.

If you do see someone with a badge and you are able to offer your seat your consideration would be appreciated.

Let’s make all our journeys better.

Application Form

Our application form is temporarily unavailable, please contact us on 0161 244 1000 to request a "Please offer me a seat" badge.