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Travelling with your bike on public transport

Metrolink trams

You can take a folding bike on a tram as long as it’s fully folded and covered.

Sorry, no other types of bike are allowed.


You can usually take a folding bike on a bus if it's fully folded and covered.

If the bus is busy, the driver may not let you on.


Each train company has different rules for travelling with a bike.

On Northern trains, for example, the rules are:

  • You can take your bike on any train if there's space
  • You can't reserve a space. All trains can carry two bikes on a first-come-first-served basis
  • There is no extra charge for bringing your bike

With other companies, you may need to reserve a place in advance.

Some train companies may not allow bikes at peak periods.

Check the bike policy for each train company. Choose the right train company from the list, then select 'on-board facilities'.

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