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If you are caught speeding or jumping a red light by a safety camera, you’ll get a letter from the police. It describes the offence and tells you how to see details online, including a photograph showing the registration number and where possible driver.

If you weren’t travelling a long way over the speed limit, you may be offered a place on a speed awareness course. If you complete this course you will not get a fine or points on your licence.

If you are not offered a place on a course, you can’t request one. Instead you’ll get a conditional offer of fixed penalty or a court summons.

If you were driving a company car, the letter will go to the company. But they must identify you as the driver, and you will need to go on the course or pay the fine and take the points.

Don’t try to avoid prosecution

Some drivers caught on camera try to avoid prosecution. But this can be a criminal offence. Don’t be tempted.
Examples of trying to avoid prosecution include:
- saying that the driver was someone else, like a person from abroad, from a fictitious address or an elderly relative who no longer drives
- saying that the driver was a person who doesn’t actually exist
- claiming their vehicle wasn’t there at the time and that their registration number must be being used illegally
- claiming that it could be one of several people who was driving and not knowing who it was.
- having a wife, husband or partner falsely admitting to being the driver.

Greater Manchester Police is fully aware of all the ways people try to avoid prosecution, and has a dedicated ‘Road Crime Unit’ to stop people getting away with it.

If you make a false claim like this, you are perverting the course of justice and could face a lengthy prison sentence.

Such a life-changing punishment is simply not worth the risk compared to the relatively minor hardship of going on a course or getting points on a licence and a fine.